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International Business - Bicycles and Economy - Essay Example

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The idea is simply to launch a new bicycle, which is very prominent of mobility products, bicycles are so common these days but the cycle offered by our company would be relatively different as there are many other things we would be offering to our customers around the globe…
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International Business - Bicycles and Economy
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Download file to see previous pages The era which was about providing a core product to the customer has gone far behind, also the era of providing the actual product has merely ended, and customers now have more willingness to get the augmented product, which means few frills attached services along with the product as well.
Keeping the customer's preferences, likes and dislike, the launch of a cycle would not be that unusual, but the idea is to prepare a plan that could lead to success in various countries. The country selection for the launch of our product is a critical decision, one cannot simply expect to have our product launched in any country and yet it remains a successful launch. Bicycles are common modes of transportations used worldwide specially by students and also people who love racing on bicycles, therefore neither a small country can help us launching our product, nor a big country having a lot of poverty in it can. We all have to think keeping the nature of product and nature of market in the mind.
"As the world's economies become more integrated and international business becomes more globalized, the nature of international business management concerns changes as well. New areas of international business research have arisen that could not even have been imagined by observers twenty-five years ago"(Ricks, Wright 687, Vol 25: 1994).
The product now has to be la...
ntries in which it could gain some market, according to the visual analyses, which should be very accurate, the three countries in which the product should be launched are, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. The reason of not launching the product in the countries that are below poverty line is simple, we cannot expect those countries to use our product that are having much lower class which is using cycles that are just serving as a core product, due to poverty these countries might not have been able to afford our product, and also there is a good competition in such countries with their privately made bicycles which people over there are use to.
There are however different sort of issues in launching the product in the above mentioned three countries but yet the reward is likely to be fruitful, as these countries serve as a base to make the product well known through out the world and sooner if launching would be successful in these three countries then the product is going to be launched internationally and we are likely to have more contracts from the other countries as well. The most prominent reasons for launching the product in these three countries are that, the people living there are mostly on foot and students use bicycles for traveling short distances, also racing is another feature of these countries, cycles are used commonly in having races there. The other reasons for launching the product in these countries might be related to the economy and living standards, as I have earlier mentioned that our product would not be launched in the countries that are below poverty line, so launching them in much stable countries is a very good options. It is difficult to say that the economies of these three countries would be anymore disturbed by our ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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