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In the days when the mighty British Empire spanned out over the world with colonies covering land across thousands of miles of ocean, it was said by many that the sun never sets on the British Empire. In the middle of the eighteenth century, the last great clash between Great Britain and France tore across a continent three thousand miles away…
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The French and Indian War
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Download file to see previous pages At this point in the history of the world, nobody had ever seen a war with the credentials held by the French and Indian War. As the first "global war unfolded, the number of troops grew to record breaking proportions. World War I as we know it might be more properly referred to as World War II. This seven year affair involved two world powers along with a nation-to-be full of pioneers in addition to an entire race of American Natives. The rivalry for American soil between the British and the French was long running and is probably the fundamental grounding for the cause of the war. More generally, the dispute over the Ohio River Valley could sum up the spark that started the war between these groups.
There are several occurrences throughout American history which helped define this country. This war was a tussle which eventually led to a successful endeavor by the British to achieve a central position in America and almost completely stripped the French of their claims in North America, the West Indies, and parts of India. The impact of this war greatly changed the American colonies in several meticulous areas. Britain and France, prior to the war, had always been rivals of one another and fought in century-long battles against each other. The French and Indian War erupted from conflicts over the control of the valuable fur trade, and the rich sugar production located in the West Indies. Throughout the war, both countries relied on military assistance from their colonists, and their Native American allies.
The three major conflicts which triggered the French and Indian war were King William's War (1689 - 1697), Queen Anne's War (1702 - 1713) and King George's War (1744 - 1748). Following these series of wars, the last conflict between Britain and France for dominance over North America was known as the French and Indian War (1754 - 1763)1. It started as a struggle for control over the "middle ground" territory of the Ohio Valley. This "middle ground" between the French and English colonies in North America was subjugated by the Iroquois Confederacy.
At that time, Britain was hailed to be a huge world power. A phrase heard all too often in that time states, "The sun never sets on the British empire." The French and Indian War would lead to a Proclamation that stirred much controversy in the colonies. This sparked a united period of disobedience, which would eventually guide the way to a revolution.
The British was the main world power at this time. The French were forced to use "brain over brawn" tactics to survive the upcoming battle. For the most part, French pioneers in the new world were in good with the natives. They had trading posts set up for exchange of fur and goods. Many French even took on the surrounding native culture. Primarily, they did not settle in areas claimed by the Indians to avoid hostility. In fact, they did the opposite; for example, the Frenchmen often helped tribes work out disagreements. The general attitude of the British seemed to lean toward independence from the natives. In turn, the common inclination concerning the French appeared to be that amalgamating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The French and Indian War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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