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Susie was referred by her class form teacher, Reeve Wayne, for an intellectual assessment, due to the concerns about her academic progress in school. Susie stated that she done poorly in her test, as she could not put her thought into words on paper as well as figuring what she supposed to respond to in the question…
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Intelligent Quotient
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Download file to see previous pages She has not seen her father since she was 10 years old and do not know where her father was. She moved to Singapore with her mother who is undergoing cancer treatment. Currently, Susie's aunt and uncle are her major caretakers. She also mentioned her boyfriend who is the only person that understands her currently.
Susie speaks Mandarin at home which is deeply rooted in her personal and cultural identification since birth. She speaks more English in Singapore school as all her lessons are conducted in English except Chinese lesson. It was observed that Susie's speech was clear.
Susie reported being healthy since the day she was born. She reached the normal developmental milestones within the expected age ranges. With the severe case of "Chicken Pox" when she was 8 years old, she has not been significantly ill since then.
Susie reported that she had a normal educational history in Guanzhou and Singapore. Susie attended a pre-school in Guangzhou and she has not had any problems in her studies. In Singapore, Susie's teacher reported that Susie has problems doing her written tests but not the practical work in Secondary 2 class. Susie has not displayed any behavioural problems in her present school.
Susie reported that she had great interpersonal relationships when she is living in Guangzhou. She had many friends and kept in touch with her family. Presently, she misses her friends and family in Guangzhou. The only person who understands her currently is the 16 years old boy.
Other Pertinent Information:
Susie states that she is sexually active and engaging in unprotected sex with a 16-year-old boy as she feels that this boy really understands her at this moment. However, she notes that her uncle and aunt as well as her ailing mother should not be informed of the relationship.
Mental Status Exam:
Susie went to the counselling session by herself. She was punctual for the appointment and behaved in a good manner. She presented herself as neatly groomed child with hair all tied up in a ponytail. During the interview, Susie was able to maintain appropriate eyes contact, alert and was oriented to time, place and person. Her mood and effect were pleasant and a rapport was established quickly. Susie reported that she felt extremely depressed since she moved to Singapore and she missed her friends and family in Guangzhou. She appeared little anxious during the assessment, often taking a deep breath but was able to sustain concentration and attention. Her speech was normal with varied pitch. She seemed to try to do her best during the interview and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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