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What is behind - Essay Example

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Web has become a necessary tool of many institutions today. The growth of internet commerce is more than a hundred percent and this is predicted to continue on for at least until 2005 (Burnham, 2001). …
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What is behind
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Extract of sample "What is behind"

Download file to see previous pages More and more commercial establishment and marketing institutions are using the web in their businesses. An evolution in the business world occurs with the advancement of the internet technology. Website development was undertaken and become a part of the organisation's activities. From the survey conducted on the several organisations, 34% of them are using the web in their business activities. In the total number of respondents, 27% are using the web in purchasing while 13% are selling their products and the remaining 6% are doing both buying and selling (The Banner Survey, 2000).

Companies are maximizing benefits brought about by the internet. Based on studies, the advantageous factors of doing business in the net encourage most businesses to develop their virtual operation. This mainly involves the maintenance of business transactions in the net and developing a virtual interface for the business. The benefits of e-business or business on the web include increased speed of feedback from the consumers. The interaction is in real time wherein the company can immediately answer the questions on the consumers through online information. This is due to the enhancement of technology exchange and improvement in communication which are other benefits of having a business online. This kind of operation decreases the company's operational cost and the requirement for inventory is reduced. The efficiency and productivity of the services were also improved due to standardisation of organisational procedures, thus, improvement in the services offered which ultimately increases customers and profits (Henbury, 2001).
The Organisation on Focus is a company that operates online business. The ten year old company was developed by Jeff Bezos in July 1994 and was launched on July 1995. More than 9,000 are employed by the company and cater to about 49 million accounts of active consumers. From its main office in Seattle, Washington in the United States, it expanded into different countries worldwide such as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, and China. The company offers products and services online that answers the needs of the consumers (, 2006f).
The main business strategy is to introduce the company and the products in the most marketable way possible through the website. It is an online presentation of the objectives of the organisation and services that it provides. The visual presentation of the services offered is organised with certain features such as the 1 click technology for consumers' ease in choosing items and ordering. Every category of products has a link wherein more choices are presented. The consumers can also have their own accounts that can keep tract of the purchases made. Other details such as online payment procedure and shipping are also available, thus, once the consumer is ready, order can be placed and be delivered at a specified date (, 2006b).
For a new consumer who is not familiar with the transactions in the net, the website is comprehensible. The site presents the pertinent data needed in purchasing products. When a consumer finds that online purchases are easily done, the benefits can be realized and ultimately become a regular online customer.
The Role of the Employees in the Organisation employs around 9,000 people covering the total workforce of all the branches worldwide. The company is divided into different organisational units and this includes the corporate offices, the fulfilment centres, the customer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Is Behind Amazon.Com Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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This means that the company has successfully attracted the future clientele for itself. The young generation will continue using the online retailer throughout its life because they have had a good experience with the company. This is one of the greatest assets of Amazon.The company is also following cost leadership strategy with great success. The shift in the policy came after 2001 as it was the time when company decided that it has gained enough clientele to follow a cost leadership strategy. This strategy is working and it is expected to work in future as well. This is because in future more online retailers will come and competition for Amazon is increasing. The future competitors will come up with new innovations but the on...
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The Amazon rainforest represents close to half of the world’s rainforest regions. Estimates of its size vary but the general consensus is that the Amazon rainforest covers approximately seven million square kilometers. It represents 40 percent of the South American continent encroaching on nine of its countries including Brazil, Suriname, Boli...
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