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Smoking cigarettes and the strenghts and weakness of the theory of planned behaviour in explaining this behaviour - Essay Example

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Life of a person in 21st century had became so fast and busy that he has no time to take care of himself. The responsibilities imposed on him makes him tense in his professional as well as personal life. To bear out this tension he becomes addictive of some materials like coffee, tea, cigarette, alcohol and other such things…
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Smoking cigarettes and the strenghts and weakness of the theory of planned behaviour in explaining this behaviour
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"Smoking cigarettes and the strenghts and weakness of the theory of planned behaviour in explaining this behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages This is a habit and people become addicted to these kind of things very quickly.
Among the addiction of things the addiction of cigarette smoking is very common and popular. A approximate number of adults smoking in United States is about 44.5 million. 23% of the high school students are current smokers. The rate of persons who start smoking is more in students than in adults. This is the major point of concern for the health organization to reduce this rate. Some people smoke to make their image glamorous and effective. The person falling in these categories are most from the reel life persons or star personalities. Military also advertises smoking as glamorous part of life and society. This is a kind of irrational behavior of man that forces him to get addicted to such things in life that are harmful to him. He knows that these are harmful but enjoys the addiction.
The irrational behavior is the abnormal behavior of person that is related to his addictions. They do not know how to act at some instance. When they are addicted to something they get unconscious in the absence of it. Who is responsible for this kind of action or behavior the person or the environment around him. About the first cigarette every person thinks that he will not be addicted of it but soon when he is used to the smoking environment he starts it slowly and occasionally.

The first cigarette offered to him is just the initialization of his irrational behavior. Smoking for the first time is due to the curiosity of the feeling that something is missing in life and that must be filled by smoking. Smoking is also done to equalize his standard with others of his age. They think that smoking creates a glamorous and mature image. Even in the early stage of smoking majority hates the taste of cigarette but due to the irrational behavior of smoking it makes them feel satisfied of smoking. With first few cigarettes one thinks he would not get addicted to smoking since he is smoking only one or two in couple of days but then sitting in the environment it gets doubled and the person becomes addicted to it very soon. Even then he tries to quit smoking that becomes difficult for him. Then if someone offers you a cigarette you cannot stop yourself from smoking. This forces a person for irrational behavior of smoking and makes him addicted to the heinous act of smoking.

Smokers have a basic habit of smoking at certain interval or at certain time like in the morning of after having dinner or such time. This makes him slave of cigarette and cannot quit at these times. In early stage of smoking person smokes in group but then individually needs cigarette at certain interval. He becomes dependent on smoking or cigarette. At ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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