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Clandestine labs and the dangers it poses to law enforcement and emergency personnel - Essay Example

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Drug production has continuously attracted many societies around the world today. It could not be denied that this truth has actually affected the procedures by which law enforcers intend to manage the needed control of law that the society needs to be protected from the outrageous increase of rate of drug addiction in the country…
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Clandestine labs and the dangers it poses to law enforcement and emergency personnel
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most important growing issues that are provided a particular attention by the US government and US departments on law enforcement is the continuous increase of number of clandestine laboratories in the country. So far, although the government has tried hard to practically create massive definitions on how the law enforcers should actually be involved in handling the situation properly through training and increased competence in the process, it could be seen how the increase of rate in connection with the number of clandestine laboratories in the country today provides a rather different picture on the part of the efforts placed by the national officials on the matter in concern.
In this paper, a practical presentation on the issues and particular dangers that both law enforcers and emergency personnel face every time they risk their lives in attacking clandestine laboratories for the sake of protecting the security of the greater population making up the nation.
Clandestine laboratories are well known local factories of drug production particularly that of Methamphetamines. These laboratories are noted to be located in hidden areas that are usually kept from the human naked eye due to its being illegal especially in the United States. Many operators of Clan Labs hide their laboratories in places where no one would actually suspect such as garage areas, and other home areas that are not likely much visited by outsiders. However, although placed in such areas, the recognition of these laboratories becomes easy due to the smell of chemicals coming out from the said sources of drug production.
Usually, the smell of urine [due to the existence of ammonia] could be recognised from the area of production. An alarming cue that a clan lab may exist in an area should actually give one the right push to tell about the matter to law enforcers who are appointed to oversee the concerned place under the case of a possible clan lab existence. Why is this a must It has been researched and well studied through experience based cases that clan labs are highly dangerous especially for those living within its vicinities. Considerably, the imposed position of the people living around the area is endangered due to the existence of the chemicals that are used for the production of the illegal drugs. These substances are noted to be highly flammable and are also considered dangerous to the health of those who are living around the area where they are used for mass production of drug substances.
For this reason, it is highly recommended that community security law enforcers closely see to it that nothing is unnoticeably passed through especially when the issue comes to unknown areas of clan labs hidden within populated communities. Along with that, the aim of protecting the values of the law enforcers appointed for the areas concerned is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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