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Benefits of using electronic whiteboards as a teaching aid - Essay Example

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Electronic whiteboards not only serve as the latest alternate of chalkboards, but they also possess additional benefits both as learning and as teaching aid. We can say that electronic whiteboards possess the qualities of both, traditional and modern boards, and even beyond the qualities of latest boards in which chalk is replaced by electronic pens, pointers or tablets and a projector along with computer is used for display…
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Benefits of using electronic whiteboards as a teaching aid
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Extract of sample "Benefits of using electronic whiteboards as a teaching aid"

Benefits of using electronic whiteboards as a teaching aid Electronic whiteboards not only serve as the latest alternate of chalkboards, but they also possess additional benefits both as learning and as teaching aid. We can say that electronic whiteboards possess the qualities of both, traditional and modern boards, and even beyond the qualities of latest boards in which chalk is replaced by electronic pens, pointers or tablets and a projector along with computer is used for display. They are mainly used in presentations, demonstrations and visual displays and serves as an easy communication tool, which is used in education institutions as well as in offices. With white board it is easy to brainstorm in a session with feedbacks, which was not easy on a traditional chalkboard. It is possible to maintain cleanliness in the environment while using whiteboards, as there are no chalks or dusters. Besides providing the convenience of using flipcharts, pictures, maps and charts during demonstration which otherwise would not have been possible, it mainly provides the following benefits:
It serves as an excellent tool for brainstorming sessions, either in meetings or classrooms, the demonstrator has the benefit of conducting question-answer session in several ways, which after analyzing and ensuring that all pupils are taking part, uses symbols or communication aid to mark the answer as true or false or to transfer their views on whiteboard for display purpose. It is easy to get students' attention, as it is a colourful medium.
Computer Access
Whiteboard is ideal in situations where the computer access is limited as it is an interactive tool, which works best when there is only a single computer in classroom. While working along with computer and projector and in addition to displaying lectures or information, it can also send that information to all students in a class and possess the ability to research a topic using Internet along with the class.
Lesson Plans
Electronic whiteboards help in daily updating of lesson plans. Teachers can easily add multimedia features to their lessons in order to make them attractive for students, which increase students' motivation level. It can also store and display hand written notes to the class (Sharing file option).
Teaching in Groups
Teachers can easily arrange and run various groups, with the help of a single computer and projector, which saves time in conducting lectures. It also saves time in notes preparation, getting immediate feedback from students and to evaluate each and every student is easier in electronic whiteboards.
Organised Notes
Where on one hand it enhances motivation and team spirit among members of class, on other hand it also enhances teacher's intention to work hard on his/her students for the student as well as teacher becomes care free about notes. The reason for 'no-worry' attitude is that the notes are organised, handy, easy to update and easily accessible from anywhere within no time.
It helps the teacher while communicating through video conferencing applications like "Microsoft NetMeeting" with every student or colleague outside the room.
Students' Work
The teacher can easily replay or check what the student has done; even the work, which is erased by the student, can be easily seen through 'replay'.
Sharing Work
Sharing presentations or any other useful lecture with other colleagues can be done easily.
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