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Electoral College - Essay Example

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1. The Electoral College is a group of people who meet every four years to cast their vote for the President. They are electors from ach state based on population, and the candidate with the most electoral votes wins the election.
2. The Electoral College was written right into the Constitution by the Founding Fathers of the United States in an attempt to make a free and open, yet not giving people the absolute final say in elections.
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Electoral College
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Extract of sample "Electoral College"

Download file to see previous pages There is also the problem of the unequal weight of votes. However, I n support of it is does generally support federal character in the nation, and requires a candidate to maintain wide spread support to win, and also helps keep the separations of powers in tact.
5. Pursuant to the Twelfth Amendment, the House of Representatives is required to go into session "immediately" to vote for President if no candidate for President receives a majority (270 votes) of the 538 possible electoral votes.
6. There are many suggest alternatives. One is simply for the popular vote to be the only deciding factor. There is also a proportional; system that is pending that would change the vote to go to candidates based on the percent of the vote they get.
7. No. It is not fair, all states do not get the same attention and smaller states are often left out. Candidates may not even campaign in smaller states because they know it is not worth their time or money. Big states and swing states get all the attention for the most part.
10. To me it seems less democratic, and people are not really voting for the candidate. People are instead voting in order for their electors to vote so in that since it is an indirect democracy of sorts, however it is still not as direct as I would like to see out system be.
11. Bad idea. People should win the election based on popular vote, no other system should even have ever been considered. We should not let people pick the candidate because of some number system like the Electoral College; we should let the person with the most votes wins. That is what democracy s all about after all. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...on these topics. In the opinion of this author, Electoral College, even if it has certain flaws, provides the best compromise to ensure a federalist, all inclusive, judicious method to elect the American leadership. It is also proposed that instead of breaking down the system altogether, the flaws are addressed through other means. Context To set the stage for describing and placing arguments related to opinions on Electoral College Reform, it is essential to briefly describe the process. Electoral College is used to elect the President and Vice President of the United States. It is a form of indirect election in which the public casts...
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Electoral College

...(Diamond 7). Rather, the Constitution of the United States strictly limits power between individual citizens and the federal government. The Electoral College is one such limitation placed on the power of the people, and it must be understood properly within this historical (or Constitutional) context. Namely, while the United States is a democracy, the interests of the people are upheld by the representatives that take on that power. The electoral vote shares this power between the people and the government in a way that incorporates the interests of states, the people, and the federal government. With respect to the states, the Electoral College...
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... which occurs before the official Election Day. Additionally, electors cannot be individuals who hold a federal office. The President and Vice-President must win an overall majority from these electors (this number currently stands at 270 votes) to win the election. This system is not universally accepted by the population of the United States, and there are numerous arguments for and against this system. Within this essay, both viewpoints will be examined using the work of Professor Judith A. Best (1997), who is for the Electoral College system, and George C. Edwards (Keyssar, 2005), who is against. One of the most important points raised against the Electoral College raised by George C. Edwards is how easy it is for the person receiving...
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... give two votes to the overall winner in the states and one vote for congressional district winner. The system of the presidential election termed as Electoral College system establishment is in the year 1804 after the 12th amendment of article II of the constitution. The main factors that influenced the creation of the system were to ensure that each state gets a fair say in who is their president. The electors were the rich land owners of the time and had to be white. To create a solution should any of the candidates fail to get a win of 270 populous elector’s votes. This scenario arises when the electors who pledge to vote for a given candidate vote otherwise as they are not bound to their promise by the constitution. The House...
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The Electoral College 2000, for instance, Al Gore would have been the winner since he received the majority of popular votes. When the Electoral College cast their votes the winner in that elections turned out to be his opponent: G.W. Bush. I will refer to the case as one of the four exceptions of the general rule according to which if a candidate wins the public vote he presumably wins the Electoral college vote too. During the times of the state legislation formation a group of framers, The Founding Fathers, known as the "Committee of Eleven" in the Constitutional Convention, proposed an indirect election of president through a College of Electors: The...
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Electoral College

... was elected by his Visigothic nobles before becoming king of Asturias and Pepin the Sort was also elected by his Frankish nobles so as to become the first Carolingian king (Wedgewood 29-36). In the Holy Roman Empire, the King of the Romans was selected by the college of prince electors from the late Middle Ages until 1792 when the last election took place (Wedgewood 29-36). The Church in the West left electoral power exclusively to the College of Canons of the Cathedral Church. In the case of the Pope, selection is left to the exclusive authority of the College of Cardinals since 1059. Currently, the United States of America is the best illustration of a society that uses the Electoral College System to indirectly elect the president...
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Electoral College

...). On the other hand, if we just use popular vote, for instance, the main cities on the eastern and western costal region of the US could be making a decision the CIC always. Furthermore, the Electoral College has survived and is still flourishing for over a period of 200 years in electing the president and other government officials. The Electoral College system supports the two party systems, something that has significantly played a vital role in maintaining peace and stability among the people of America. Therefore, I advocate that the Electoral College ought to continue being used for conducting presidential elections (Neale 2010). Though the Electoral College is not perfect, the system has significantly tried to curb and solve many...
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... who win the majority Electoral College votes ascend to power. The Electoral College vote system comprises of 538 electors who determine the occupant of the white house. The presidency of the USA is won by whoever gets 270 of the electors’ votes. Electoral College votes vary in different states and the winner of a state’s majority votes wins all the college electoral votes of that particular state. In Bush vs Al Gore case, Al Gore had won in the popular votes, but there was a fierce disagreement of who won the Florida state. Florida State was to decide the winning candidate in terms of electoral votes. Bush won the majority votes in Florida by being declared popular vote winner in that state. This case was later taken to the Florida court...
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Electoral college

... likely prevent the election of an individual who threatens to consolidate power within the federal government. The Electoral College really favours the states, since it ensures there is more attention to the less populous states which would otherwise be at the risk of being sidelined and ignored by the presidential candidates. This means that if people elected the president directly, candidates would more likely shift their attention to population-rich states such as Texas, California and New York rather than small states like Nevada, Wisconsin and New Mexico. Another better argument for Electoral College is that it produces clear winners, and contrasts sharply with the popular vote which has always remained quite close in almost all...
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Electoral college assurance that the mandate of the executive is not dictatorial. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College In the United States election, the Presidents are elected by the Electoral College. This is in preference to the popular vote. The Electoral College is the state presentation of members in the Congress (Kimberling, 2008). If a presidential candidate wins the popular vote in a state, they are entitled to all the Electoral College votes in the state. In total, there are 538 (Kimberling, 2008). The effectiveness of the process is, however, criticized for its appropriateness...
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The student has also assessed his personal weaknesses and the threats that can be caused not only by his weaknesses but also by the outside environment that is outside of his control. Through the self-assessment that has been carried out in the Learning Agreement the student has come up with ways and means on how best to use strengths and combat the threats by reducing his weaknesses or rather playing to his strengths to the extent that he cannot fail.

The self-assessment has been used to further set long term and short term goals and decide on the different resources and support that will be required to meet those goals and objectives. Likewise, there is a commitment on the part of both the student to work to the best...
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The Electoral Systems in the UK and the USA elected by a system called the Electoral College. Electors are to be chosen from a list of citizens in a state, equal to the number of Senators and representatives allocated to it by law. The majority of the states elect their electors by direct statewide elections whilst a few states use a combination of direct statewide and by popular vote in the Congressional district. Each political party then nominates the names of their candidates for the presidency and the vice-presidency to the chief election official of every state for inclusion in the general election ballot. The people of the state then cast their votes on the first Tuesday of November in a presidential...
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A random survey was appropriate for the research given the constraint of time. According to Ching, the research was done in Bunker Hill community college (45). This was a two-year college; hence it was plausible to consider a four-year college in order to obtain reliable deductions. The research carried out was objective given that the results and deductions were obtained in two different days and at different intervals. It was easy to analyze the primary data obtained because it was tabulated in a spreadsheet, which provided a suitable view of the deductions made in the field. A number of factors may cause a lack of parental involvement. Parents do not participate because of poverty, or drug and alcoholism. Teachers in public sch...
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...Speech Outline Introduction A. Fear Their ACT Test Results B.ACT Test Results Should Not Determine College Success C. ACT Scores Should Not Be a College Admission Consideration (Transition) Body: I. Studies Show that ACT Scores Do Not Ensure College Success A. National Association for College Admission Counseling Study B. Numerical Data (Transition) II. The Problem with Standardized Tests A. Standardized Tests Cant Accurately Measure Student Intelligence B. Other Students Opinions (Transition) Conclusion A. Summary B. Closing Statement ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission As another school year comes to a close, I cannot help but reminisce about how the archaic educational system of the United States has once...
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