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Metaphysics - Essay Example

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The science of 'Being' as such, a supremely general study of existence and reality" was the label of the part under discussion given by Pearce in 1957 (1) to the thesis proposed by Aristotle, the student of Plato. Some philosophers, however, saw apparent inconsistency in Aristotle's theory of matter (Wedin, 2002, 1)…
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Extract of sample "Metaphysics"

Order 250785 THE ULTIMATE CAUSES AND UNDERLYING NATURE OF THINGS: METAPHYSICS Introduction "The science of 'Being' as such, a supremely general study of existence and reality" was the label of the part under discussion given by Pearce in 1957 (1) to the thesis proposed by Aristotle, the student of Plato. Some philosophers, however, saw apparent inconsistency in Aristotle's theory of matter (Wedin, 2002, 1). They attributed this irregularity to the idea that Aristotle was in opposition to the concepts laid by his teacher Plato, who was the student of Socrates (Wedin, 2002, 1). On the other hand, Walsh in 1963 (34) supposed that Plato could not have thought about metaphysics despite his having philosophical thoughts. Although, eventually Plato's philosophical ideas could have laid the groundwork to influence the formulation of the idea of metaphysics (Walsh 1963, 34), the attempt to explain the ultimate causes and underlying nature of things, matter.
The vast array of philosophers and philosophies conceptualizing the ultimate causes and underlying nature of things, familiarly known as metaphysics would most likely believe that the theory was grounded on the basic principles of Socrates rather than on his subsequent followers who had been his students. Obviously, this could be taken along the logic of passing on body of knowledge regarding metaphysics concepts by educators to students.
One good way to view Socrates theory on the nature of matter is to see what were the principles developed by his successor along the ultimate causes and underlying nature of things, metaphysics. For example, according to Walsh (1963, 20), Plato expressed the idea that 'wisdom and understanding could come only if men would abandon belief for knowledge'. Obviously, this practice would engage an aggressive separation with what went before as a way of life (Walsh, 1963, 20). It also includes doing away with past behaviors. As well, it meant doing away with traditional views. Additionally, this would call for a battery of restraint. It should be both inflexible and scholarly in nature.
Practically, this is the only alternative with which men can understand things as they come. This is the correct measure of a philosopher. One of which that disregards fear or anxiety of impending things (Walsh, 1963, 20).
Plato's point of view seemed like there is a precondition for changeover. This was because there was the need for physical manifestation in order to acknowledge authenticity. According to the author, this was evidenced by the fact that Plato typified the individual's conviction and understanding as aptitude. Walsh (1963, 21) said, Plato professed individual aptitude is linked with particular individual purpose. This ends up in a situation where similarities in things understood and recognized are no longer issues.
To understand the ultimate causes and underlying nature of things, familiarly known today as metaphysics, there must be a physical manifestation of the thing, as a precondition towards acknowledgement of its authenticity. This is because according to the philosophy of Plato, aptitude is linked to particular individual purpose.

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