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Psychotherapy - Essay Example

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This report begins with short definition of Psychotherapy, as defined in Wikipedia free encyclopaedia. "Psychotherapy is an interpersonal, relational intervention used by trained psychotherapists to aid clients in problems of living. This usually includes increasing individual sense of well-being and reducing subjective discomforting experience." (Wikipedia: "Psychotherapy" 1) Person-Centred Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are systems of psychotherapy…
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Extract of sample "Psychotherapy"

Download file to see previous pages Using this technique requires the therapist or counsellor to have unconditional positive regard, genuineness and empathic understanding. (Wikipedia "Psychotherapy" 3) Carl Rogers in the 1950's was the proponent of this system and he became very controversial because he used the term "counselling" to connote a softer and more positive and humanistic approach to psychotherapy. The technique used in PCT is non-directive, where the therapists use effective listening skills in facilitating the face-to-face communication.
"Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy based on modifying everyday thoughts and behaviours, with the aim of positively influencing emotions." (Wikipedia: "Cognitive" 1) According to Wikipedia, CBT is based on the thoughts, the emotions and the behaviour, which are, how we think, how we feel and therefore how we act as a result of the interactions of how we think and feel. In other words, how we think influence how we feel and behave on a certain situation. The problem is created because of some irrational or unrealistic thinking that gives rise to a negative a feeling and leads to a problematic behaviour. An example of which, is a child who thinks his mother does not love him because he is "dumb" therefore keeps getting his mother's attention by being excessively naughty. CBT is applied to situations like this, sometimes ranging from ordinary problems to abnormal psychological conditions and are treated through series of face-to-face sessions with a trained psychotherapist.
Other Similar Approaches
Person-Centred Therapy, considered "a founding work in the humanistic schools of psychotherapies" (Wikipedia "Client-Centred" 1), is a positive approach to psychotherapy that uses the concept "here and now" and self awareness. Carl Rogers patterned his works from the existentialism theories of Abraham Maslow and the hierarchy of human needs. Other approaches that were developed from this concept but branched out to more specific systems were the Feminist therapy, Somatic Psychology, Expressive therapy, Brief therapy, Systems therapy, all of which use the modern approach of valuing the client's will to heal himself. (Wikipedia "Psychotherapy" 3)
The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy does not stand on its own. In other words, it is a general term for a classification of techniques, an "umbrella term for many different therapies that share common elements" (Wikipedia "Cognitive" 2). Albert Ellis in the 1950's was the first to develop the combination of cognitive and behavioural approaches, the Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) and Aaron T. Beck developed the Cognitive Therapy. Richard Heimberg based his Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy (CBGT) on CBT applying group therapy which made patients feel better when they knew that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Psychotherapy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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Art Psychotherapy

... can make changes in his or her way of thinking and feeling in his or her life. People with long term depression feel restricted, and they have the urge to feel and think freely. The psychotherapist displays images in the art psychotherapy so that the individual can respond to something new. As a result of this, the person starts feeling an increased sense of personal wellbeing. This increased personal wellbeing has a positive impact on the individual as he, or she has to deal with experiences that led to his or her state of depression. Also, a person can express feelings and thought when familiar patterns present themselves. This helps the person discuss with the psychotherapist and he, or she gets the necessary help (Slayton, D'Archer...
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...practical ways to improve. Coyle (NCGE Handbook, 2007) cites some disadvantages, which call into question the 'sufficiency' issue as follows: * "The process of counselling may be too lengthy. * It may place too much emphasis on the person of the counsellor and on their ability to provide the necessary conditions for change and growth." Conclusion: There is no doubt that the three core conditions have made a huge contribution to assisting individuals to achieve therapeutic, successful change. They are embedded in the practice of counselling, in some form or another and are applicable to many domains of health service delivery, not just in the field of psychotherapy. In the final analysis, Rogers' theory might seem too...
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... them to accept themselves in their present condition, thus liberating them from unnecessary suffering (Fredricks, 2008). While contemplative psychotherapy has dominated debates in psychology, other complementary and contemplative therapies have gained significance in the world of medicine. One such concept is naturopathic psychotherapy, which is an approach to wellness that promotes holistic natural healing methods focusing on mind, body, and soul, though illness may be diagnosed using the same methods as allopathic doctors. In essence, the naturopathic psychotherapy avoid conventional methods and often rely on alternative treatment approaches that seek to restore the intrinsic healing power in a patient through diet, supplements...
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Selecting Behavioral Psychotherapy Model

.... Behavioral Therapy Model This is one of the most imperative psychotherapy models. It focuses on modification of overt characters among clients and providing them with opportunities to achieve certain goals (Phillips 2010). It is undertaken through various principles, which entail: The learning theory; acceptance and commitment modes of therapy and psychotherapy functional therapy. Reasons for Selecting Behavioral Psychotherapy Model Behavioral psychotherapy model integrates various approaches that facilitate the achievement of accurate results. The model is imperative in the sense that it allows the participation of patients the creating a scenario of acceptance and commitment of the patients in regard to the requirements of the therapy...
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... for PTSD. The working mechanisms, efficacy studies in PTSD patients, and clinical utility of four different pharmacological enhancers will be discussed: d-cycloserine, MDMA, hydrocortisone, and propranolol. Michael C. Mithoefer, M.D. (2014). A Manual for MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Before MDMA became used recreationally under the street name Ecstasy, hundreds of psychiatrists and psychotherapists around the world administered MDMA as a catalyst to psychotherapy. MDMA was criminalized in the US in 1985 (it had been illegal in the UK since 1977). Several decades later, this study is the first completed randomised, double-blinded clinical trial to evaluate MDMA as a therapeutic adjunct in any...
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Medication vs Psychotherapy in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

... an important role in such patients. The different treatment alternatives include psychotherapy and pharmacological intervention. The pharmacological treatment treats physiological symptoms of PTSD victims, which help them to get treated in psychotherapy where the treatments are based on emotional attributes (Gore & Lucas, 2008). Also, family education, family therapy, PTSD education groups, stress management, spiritual groups, and recreational therapy are also useful in combating PTSD (Atique, 2005). The first-line nonpharmacologic therapies for PTSD in the past-focused models are evidence-based psychological treatments include prolonged exposure therapy, cognitive processing therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing...
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Personality Theory: Roger's Theory of Psychotherapy

... special attention when it comes to definition of personality. “… personality refers to important and relatively stable aspects of a person’s behavior…. Most psychologists also define personality as originating within the individual….Personality deals with a wide range of human behavior. Virtually everything about a person – mental, emotional, social and physical is included….” (Ewen, 2003, p.1) Personality theory-Roger's theory of Psychotherapy: Social dynamism in the modern society has become so diverse and so widespread that psychological problems related to personality of a person have become very frequent. The aspects are not only affecting the psychological equilibrium of a person but also often lead him to lunacy as it becomes tough...
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Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy

... treatments, but the music therapy should continue in order to help them cope with the medical processes.                                                References 1. Basics of Alzheimer’s disease. (n.d.) Available at:  (Assessed on 11/11/2009). 2. Corey, G. (2008).  Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Cengage Learning. 3. DeGuise, E. (n.d.) Amnesia. Available at: (Assessed on 11/12/2009). 4. Gauthier, S.(2007).  Clinical diagnosis and Management of Alzheimer’s disease. CRC Press. 5. Gorman, C. (14 November 2005). MT Alzheimers 2006.indd. Available at: http...
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... of the patient. In this manner, the patient can be helped to his problem and find solutions to it. But there are other methods of communication that can be employed as well. These include the use of writing, drawings, drama, narratives or music (Stolorow, & Atwood, 1992, 5). This paper sets out to identify different types of psychotherapy approaches used in the sessions with a particular patient, who I named Jacinta for confidentiality purposes; and identifying the theories on which they are based. It explores her experiences of retraumatization and the restoration of hope in her. In order to isolate the particular theories used in this case, a rundown of the theories available is done in the next chapter. Theoretical Approaches...
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...knowing and using resources, understanding the characteristics and the needs of the groups and its members, planning, controlling group performance, effective teaching, representing the group, evaluating, sharing leadership, counseling, setting the example (Buckskin council). According to the author of the article, the education system is to be blamed for the fact that group psychotherapy is not able to gain the trust and confidence of the clients despite its positive outcomes (Barlow 2008, p.240). However, the article has missed one of the most important aspects of psychological therapy and that is client’s perspective. Information form a primary source that has been to both individual and group therapy held firmly that both had...
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... force compelling the individual to get back on the track captures him. This practice of coming back to instructions is done through meditation, which controls the human psychology. Religions provide psychological guidance about behaviour, human rights and moral values. A reward of deeds in the shape of heavens and hell psychologically minimizes the human indulgence in sinful life (Fontana, 2003). Religion obligations act like a therapy in changing the human behaviour. Psychological changes that Islam and Christianity bring in human life are discussed in under mentioned paragraphs: Psychotherapist Thomas in his book “The myth of psychotherapy” says that religion is the basic ingredient of psychotherapy. He also says that psychotherapy...
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A Cultural Issue as Related To Humanistic Psychotherapy

..., with Humanistic Psychology giving greater importance to this aspect of the individual. This paper discusses the issue of discrimination by the Western world towards the Muslim and inward immigrants in America, framed in humanistic psychotherapy. Terror attacks in London and New York caused a lot of discrimination and alienation of Muslim communities in these countries. This discrimination caused and continues to cause anxiety, fear, and change of individual perception of the society and the world. Immigrants also experience discrimination in the new settlement countries, which affect their well-being. For clarity purposes, the paper will first of all give an overview of the concept of culture and a summary of...
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Efficacy of Psychotherapy

... to distinguish between the strengths of psychotherapy as a theory and the weakness as a mode of therapy especially in terms of the role of psychotherapists. Those arguing against psychotherapy such as Jeffery Masson (1989) have pointed out that psychotherapy is a form of social control that deprives the person who comes for help his or her autonomy, freedom, and dignity. The premise of the argument is that, regardless of the intentions of the psychotherapist, the process of psychotherapy as a theory is intended to assault on the freedom of the client and coerce them to behave in a manner dictated by the therapist. This is indeed the case given that for psychotherapy to be deemed effective, the client must have behaved and changed his...
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Main Difference between Behavioral and Psychodynamic Approaches in Psychotherapy

...ology practice in learning institutions deny the therapist the magnitude of sensitivity it deserves because the therapist shuts off any emotions when dealing with clients who in most cases are more sensitive. This particular analogy does not allow the therapeutic process to grow and develop holistically in the therapists because it disallows the ultimate discussion of therapy issues and attitudes or any empirical literature analysis that are sensitive in nature or that might solicit any sensitivity on the therapist. The major trouble with this is that psychotherapy as a profession will lose its luster and tenacity because of the uniformity in practice like other specialized fields other than relating to the ever emerging sensitivity...
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The Theory of Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice

... and patterns are also incorporated. In the year 2000s, the existed behavioural couple therapy, couple, and family therapy, and multidimensional family therapy incorporated the main concepts of attachment theory (Mann, 2010). Bowlby had believed that the attachment theory had a significant role in psychotherapy. His suggestion was that the main function of the therapist is “to offer the patient with an attachment figure which cannot be permanent as such. He believed that by doing that it will enable the patient to feel secured and can explore their relationship with people that one might have made an affectional bonding. With this mentality, Bowlby came up with five main responsibilities for therapist: (a) forming a more secure base...
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