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On the Jericho Road by J. Alfred Smith - Book Report/Review Example

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Dr. J Alfred Smith Sr. is presently the senior pastor of the Allen Temple Baptist Church, and he also serves as professor of Christian Ministry and Preaching at the American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, California. For two years now Smith has been listed as one of Ebony' s 100 Most Influential Black Americans and as well he was among Ebony's Top 15 Greatest Black Preachers of 1993…
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On the Jericho Road by J. Alfred Smith
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Extract of sample "On the Jericho Road by J. Alfred Smith"

Download file to see previous pages This story is basically an autobiography of one of the authors, Dr. J Alfred Smith Sr., and it tells the story of how Smith grew up in era of intense poverty and segregation, as well as his many experiences of the racially divided country that existed at that time; although racism is certainly still an avid and alive issue, at the point in time that Smith was growing up, the world was much more racially unjust, and not only were more people openly and avidly racist, but as well there were not nearly as many laws and regulations that protected people against racism. In this book Smith addresses and discusses a levy of different issues, including about how with his family and church as his main anchors he was able to emerge as one of the nation's most prominent and reputable African American preachers. There are so many different issues that Smith makes worthy note of in this book, and in order to be able to gain a proper and informed understanding on this book overall, there are many different matters that need to be discussed. ...
Smith speaks incredibly freely here - and throughout the rest of the book as well - about the injustice that he suffered from not only as a child but during his adult years as well, and as well he talks about how his life was filled with criminals and victims, and how he dealt with all of this. Smith discusses the various different people who he considered - and still does consider - as being major role models in his life, and he also describes about how they helped to shape him as a man and how many of them helped him to realize what he wanted to do in regards to a career, which was become a preacher.
We see how the era in which Smith grew up in was treacherous and tumultuous, and he firsthand experienced and witnessed the civil rights era and faced such challenges as urban decay, violent crime, and massive discrimination. Smith was basically frustrated with the world that he was seeing around him, and he considered this as being "a major factor that resulted in influencing him into becoming a preacher" (59). Smith ended up becoming one of the most major and leading activists for social societal transformation, and he worked in many different ways, including by spearheading ministries that have since provided hope for hundreds of thousands of people.
During about the middle of the book is when we begin to see how Smith started to get himself into the preaching career, and one of the most major factors that we see in regards to this is just how difficult it actually was for him to even get started as a preacher. We see how Smith becomes one of the most well-known and respected preachers after all the trials and tribulations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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