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Difference between Features of Alfred Translated Language and Standard Old English - Term Paper Example

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This essay highlights the features of the translation that do not comply with the standards of old English. The essay discussed the linguistic features in the preface of the King Alfred’s translation and moved towards discussion the way it could be regarded differently from the standard old English…
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Difference between Features of Alfred Translated Language and Standard Old English
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Extract of sample "Difference between Features of Alfred Translated Language and Standard Old English"

Download file to see previous pages The great survivor of England Kind Alfred the great ruled the kingdom of Wessex is now known as South-western England (Davis, p613). It was the late nineteenth century when King Alfred took the initiative of doing some translations from Latin to Old English. Due to his valuable and noteworthy work, he has been regarded as a great contributor towards the promotion of the national literary traditions. He also translated some books from Latin English (Arngart, p98). Among these books, one was the Pope Gregory’s I’s Liber Pastoral care that the King translated with the assistance of some clerical scholars and language experts. The book was originally written in Latin in the 6th century and its translation done in the nineteenth century is commonly referred to as Pastoral Care (Shippy, p347).
The book has been regarded as one of the most important religious texts of early medieval Europe. It basically focuses upon the topic of the duties and responsibilities of a bishop. Pope Gregory actually wrote a manual to guide manuals for the bishop to explain how they could preach the people. The translated version of this book has often been viewed as being divergent from the standard old English and the critics and linguistic experts often argue that in the prose version of the preface the language used by the King somewhat different from the standard old English. 
When King Alfred did the translation of the book in the late nineteenth century, he also added a long prose preface. The preface basically intends to address the bishops of the territory to discuss the prevailing situation of the society. In the preface, it is mainly argued that England has been going through a phase of moral as well as cultural decline and thus there is great need of social and education reforms to help regions overcome this downfall.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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