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Health Psychology - Essay Example

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Many educators of medicine now teach the biopsychosocial model over the biomedical model, claiming that it is the new evolutionary phase of the biomedical model although it has not supplanted the subsequent model as yet (Smith 2002, pg. 1525). The biopsychosocial model has helped medical providers in coming to the recognition that medicine can be viewed as a natural science…
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Health Psychology
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Extract of sample "Health Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages While the biomedical model is good in gaining a comprehension of the purely medical aspects concerning a patient's health the biopsychosocial is being found to be fundamentally imperative because it incorporates the actual mental states and physical states of the human being. For example, the biopsychosocial model introduces the emotional state, personal issues, family issues, and community issues that might have an affect on a patient's health and medical diagnosis. Therefore the acceptance of this model has stemmed from the fact that medical providers have now come to the realization that the psychological influences in an individual's life can alter the medical care and affect the patient outcome (Borrell-Correlo et al 2004, pg. 577).
2. Investigate Cultural differences in the incidence and prevalence of various diseases, such as HIV/Aids, and Cancer and of life expectancy. What factors do you believe are related to these differences.
present, many different cultures approach these based on their religious beliefs, social customs, and over all societal views of them (Martin & Kukall 1996, pg. 993). For instance with Alzheimer's disease, those with a Latino background are more apt to care for their family member at home rather than placing them in a nursing care facility. This is in comparison to how Americans often care for a relative with this medical prognosis. Australian culture follows much the same type of philosophy; with diseases such as AID's, and even Cancer having an influential factor in the life expectancy that might present itself. This is due to the fact that these two cultural bodies carry a collectivist attitude instead of an individualistic one such as Americans have. Therefore, obviously the factors that play a pertinent role in disease and how different cultures relate to it are listed as follows, religion, family bonds, social perception, personal values, societal view, and community support. This clearly shows that some cultures focus more on the psychological aspects of the medical diagnosis; more so than what the actual biological bearing is going to be.
3. What is the Placebo Affect, and why is it often important to include a placebo in health research
A placebo is simply an inactive element in medicine that has absolutely no affect
on any medical outcome. It is or can be a pill that holds no medicinal qualities, a liquid
of the same quality, or even an intravenous fluid that is used in medical studies and other
experiments to see if the patient or individual in a study perceives there to be an actual
affect. The main purpose is to test the strength of the actual drug and to compare the two
too see if the real medicine does promote improved health and destroy cells in the body
that can promote more health complications, depending upon what it is being developed
for (Hrobjartsson & Gotzsche 2001, pg. 1594).
The importance of including a placebo in medical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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