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Identifying Your Intent unit 3 IP - Essay Example

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I would like you to assist me in preparation for a meeting with the chief executive officer, the regional manager and other dignitaries from the distance learning Loan Company; I will have to present my case before they decide on loaning me 1.5 million dollars for a distance learning company I would like to start…
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Identifying Your Intent unit 3 IP
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Extract of sample "Identifying Your Intent unit 3 IP"

Identifying Your Intent unit 3 IP Dear Sir, I would like you to assist me in preparation for a meeting with the chief executive officer, the regional manager and other dignitaries from the distance learning Loan Company; I will have to present my case before they decide on loaning me 1.5 million dollars for a distance learning company I would like to start. If am convincing and persuasive enough am sure they will led me the money.
Am hosting approximately 30 people in the meeting and therefore I need you to assist me on how to acquire hearing and visual aids, I also would like to advice me on how I should dress and the style in which I will present my ideas before this important people.
The guests will be most interested in knowing what I have planned to do with the money I need as loan, they will be interested in the new strategy I have set to offer to obtain many scholars, the course am offering, the number of staff I will be needing and also the where am planning to locate the offices.
I therefore would like to present to them the best ever with clear ideas, logical sequences of the ideas and to make them concentrate with what I have to say. I am planning on presenting to them a good presentation that will persuade them and also convince them of my capability.
The presentation that will take 2-3 hours will have the following topics to be discussed:
The company name and the already registered students
Benefits to the community that include creation of jobs and better standards of education
Returns expected per year from the project
The problems I am likely to face and those I am facing
The funds I have already raised
The budget and the required loan to complete the project
The level of standards I will set for the coming generation
Conclusion that will summarize the major points discussed
The session will conclude by questions from the audience and their comments

I also want you to assist me in choosing what to wear on that day, how I should talk, and what to do if a question is raised and am not in a position to answer, I therefore desperately need you to address these issues and communicate as soon as possible.
After the presentation I expect the audience to congratulate me for the great plan I have for the next generations to come and offer me the loan without hesitating, I therefore look forward for your assistance in preparation of this presentation, I will appreciate your assistance that will play a major role in determining the outcome of my request for the loan, I look forward to hear from you soon.

Engleberg N (1994) The Principles of Public Presentation, Harper Collins publishers, New York Read More
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(Identifying Your Intent Unit 3 IP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Identifying Your Intent Unit 3 IP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Identifying Your Intent Unit 3 IP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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