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Write a paper on text from Emile Durkheim's Selected Writings - Essay Example

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The man who made sociology a science was, Emile Durkheim who is considered by many as the father of sociology. It was his effort which brought this subject under the French academic curriculum as "Science Sociale". His contributions stood as the base for the formation of sociology and anthropology…
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Write a paper on text from Emile Durkheim's Selected Writings

Download file to see previous pages... The division of labor simply put, is the separation and specialization of work among people in the society. By separation, he means that people choose to work according to their interests and ability. And by specialization he means the area of work assigned to one either on his own or by any external force. This division of labor according to Durkheim is not a downfall of society; instead it actually is a pillar that would create an orderly society. This is what is termed as "Organic Solidarity" in his own words.
"Social harmony comes essentially from the division of labor. It is characterized by a cooperation which is automatically produced through the pursuit by each individual of his own interests. It suffices that each individual consecrate himself to a special function in order, by the force of events, to make himself solidary with others."
The idea of labor separation among people in reality helps our society to run smooth without interrupting one another and maintains proper order. We can clearly understand this from the following hypothesis by Durkheim:
Thus, it is clear that the division of labor is a positive one for development and to preserve social order. We all survive because of the division of labor and it can be well explained with a simple example as this,
"While shoemakers and carpenters may be functioning fine, if farmers stop working, everyone starves. If the carpenters quit, no one has any shelter. If the garbage haulers don't show up, the streets become dumps and diseases spread. Durkheim saw that without one another in a highly specialized society, no one can survive. This interdependence is why the division of labor does not destroy social order".
I am quoting another passage to explain the question why division of labor is necessary and what impact does it have on the society
"If work becomes progressively divided as societies become more voluminous and dense, it is not because external circumstances are more varied, but because struggle for existence is more acute."
The quotation itself provides a clear answer to the question. Our society increases all the time and if we all choose to be on the same road the result would be an enormous failure and our existence will be shaken. This division of labor allows us to move on without disturbing the other and making our society a progressive one for our survival. Life keeps moving. It does not stick to a particular place or work. We need to adapt ourselves to the changes that life brings and walk hand in hand for our existence. This is the way I understand the implication of division of labor on us. Thus, division of labor helps us to look for a way and to make our life easier as well as well as a comfortable one.
"In short, since the division of labor becomes the chief source of social solidarity, it becomes, at the same time, the foundation of the moral order."
I would like to conclude my essay with this passage that stresses the need for the division of l ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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