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The writer of the essay "The Division of Labor" suggests that the role of people at a different level are labor specific and conform to the specified exchange of service that is needed to perform at that level therefore what is being exchanged becomes more important to who is exchanging…
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The Division of Labor
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The Division of Labor
Man lives in well defined social setup called society. The society may comprise of people from various culture, color or races. Within the constraints of societal parameters, human life consists of materialistic aspirations which involve exchange of goods and service produced through segregated division of labor within the multicultural society. Hence all contributions made towards the development of society are socially coordinated through well defined division of labor based on social status, age, sex and relationships or kinship through which exchange of goods and services are facilitated in an organized manner. The role of people at different level are labor specific and conform to specified exchange of service that are needed to perform at that level therefore what is being exchanged becomes more important to who is exchanging.
Social division of labor is characterized by complexities in the social hierarchy and traditions in any cultural production that is focused towards development and often results in conflicts. These conflicts basically comprise of developmental issues and ideological contradictions which arise due to disparate social exchanges, promoting social stratification on the basis of class, race and culture. Within a wider spectrum of social issues which focus on division of labor, conflicts arise because of varying interests of the state and individual during cultural production in a developmental process.
Answer 2
Cultural production signifies construction of collective identities on the basis of cultural diversification and therefore, the platform that promotes this production stresses the importance of technical division of labor that emphasizes the specialized type of labor inputs, required for different level of production. The technical division of labor, therefore, has become more job specific and highly skilled.
The rapid globalization and technological advancement of the recent time has greatly revolutionized the labor processes. With the advent of technology, the collective production has become more complex. There is a significant paradigm shift in the technical division of labor from direct to indirect model that is focused on regulation, administration, improvement and innovation to meet the challenges of the changing time.
Another reason that technical division of labor is complex is because the cultural production has multidimensional facet that not only contributes towards creating identities and disseminating information and knowledge but it also helps to establish a unique relationship among individual, promoting understanding. Hence, the hierarchal division of labor that needs to conceptualize and produce such cultural production, becomes more sophisticated in its approach and complex in production processes.
Answer 3
Cultural or media production is unique to a culture and may represent either a single cultural identity or a multicultural society. In either case, it is important that the production is backed by strong ideological values and must show tolerance towards other cultures and religious values. The social transformation and changing political and economic equation of geographical area, necessitate widening of scope of the production to incorporate the changing values which may reflect the contemporary society. Therefore, for any cultural production to correctly depict the time, it needs to take into account two major factors that affect its quality and veracity. The first condition is that it must make sincere efforts to stick to the truth of the situation or event or cultural values that it is exhibiting. Communicating the right message and correct information is the need of the hour and therefore, all productions must present their views and ideologies in an unbiased manner that does not offend others.
The second most important condition is that it must promote understanding and tolerance towards difference of opinions and ideologies of others. In the fast changing world, the pluralistic societies are becoming a norm and it is imperative that cultural production must facilitate understanding of cross cultural values and peaceful co-existence. Read More
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The Division of Labor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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