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Minority Discrimination - Essay Example

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Discrimination against minorities is an old concept now. People get frustrated and suffer due to discrimination in their vicinities, workplaces, towns, educational institutes etc. Hence it can be said that discrimination is a commonly used phenomenon in all areas of life…
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Minority Discrimination
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Extract of sample "Minority Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages I, being a Muslim, have faced it to an extent that I feel depressed and its not just about me, many of US Muslims face it regularly. There is always some reason behind the opposition and discrimination against a community, country or a person. After facing such bias and disgrace from others, I was forced to find out the reasons behind it. According to my research, I think that most of the population of US is against Muslims because of the wrongdoings of a portion of our community. They humiliate us and call us "terrorists" regardless of the fact that we're innocent and have not taken part in any such action. The discrimination that Muslims face is not limited to US but there is wide range of countries where Muslims face and bear it.
The mayor of our region is of Asian Descent; hence we have relatively less troubles in coping up with our day to day life. People of our community strictly follow the rules made by the mayor, presented by the civilization or set by the religion. They follow the same way of dressing, language, cultural values and ethical principles. The people of our community are tied strongly in a loop where their brotherhood, peace, love and respect do not allow them to take any action against each other. I personally think that we are living a life of heaven in this age of discrimination and conflicts. ...
However, one cannot deny the fact that, despite of the uphill struggle, people suffer.
The reason of discrimination is basically the revenge of others who treat or treated us badly. This discrimination is, however, not conducted by our mayor but other officials. The issue of Police Officer Susan L. Purtee can be taken as an example. Officer Purtee and her sister, Barbara Gordon-Bell, were accused of making videos which were against Jews, Cubans, Blacks and a few other nations. They tried to convey a message that all the illegal immigrants, blacks and some other minorities are the cause of a number of social evils. This statement and humiliation was a clear-cut discrimination against minorities. The issue was raised because of the position Purtee held (Marx & Narciso, 2007). Such an action by a Police Officer, which may cause hatred, uproar and discipline disorders among the public, was hard to be absorbed. However, on the other hand, Mayor goes up against those videos and the statements of Officer Purtee and her sister. He says "I am personally offended by her racist and anti-Semitic comments, and I believe our citizens should be equally offended. As Mayor, I am highly concerned that this unacceptable conduct will reflect negatively on the entire Division and the City of Columbus. Clearly, Officer Purtee is not representative of our Division's many great Officers. While we respect the right of free speech, we also demand that every Officer meets the highest standard of conduct on and off the job. In my opinion, Officer Purtee's conduct falls far below this City's expectations (Text of Mayor Coleman's letter, 2007)". This clearly shows his despise of such an act from a Government Official.
Islam is a religion of peace and justice. Our community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Minority Discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Age discrimination comes in two aspects of business organizations. Orga...
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