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In order to establish whether a company’s pay structure is fair to women and the minority groups, I would embark on the following ways: I will evaluate the company’s recruitment process and its compensation structure. It is clear that every company has an elaborate…
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Pay Structure
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Pay structure Pay structure In order to establish whether a company’s pay structure is fair to women and the minority groups, Iwould embark on the following ways: I will evaluate the company’s recruitment process and its compensation structure. It is clear that every company has an elaborate recruitment and hiring process that can help understand whether a company is fair or biased in selecting prospective candidates, such as men, women and minority groups (Foubert, 2010). This will help create a clear picture of the human resource policies and standards of the company on account of fairness or unfairness. This will also help create an insight of the company’s payment plan.
I will also analyze the compensation structure where the employees stand to receive their salaries depending on their roles, duties and distinctive responsibilities. In this aspect, I will seek to find out whether the company distributes salaries fairly to every employee irrespective of their social status (Foubert, 2010). This will help me find out any instance of gender or minority discrimination. I will seek to establish whether the company has a rewarding system, such as bonuses for work well done. I will also find out whether the company distributes rewards fairly to its employees. I will delve into the promotion process of the company, which is a crucial part of establishing incidences of fairness or elements of discrimination in the company (Foubert, 2010). Additionally, I will weigh the promotion system of the company against the present-day market standards in order to establish true and valid gender or minority based imbalance.
Foubert, P. (2010). The gender pay gap in Europe from a legal perspective. Luxembourg:
Publications Office of the European Union. Retrieved 28 June 2015 from: Read More
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