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Globalization and Technology - Essay Example

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Over the past 20 years, the world has become a smaller place. As businesses and individuals have increased their international relationships through communication and commerce, the term "globalization" has been used. The word simply means the "increased international integration of trade, investment and finance" (Murshed 1)…
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Globalization and Technology
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Extract of sample "Globalization and Technology"

Download file to see previous pages When all things are considered, the relationship between globalization and technology is very strong.
Technology supports globalization because of what it allows businesses and individuals to do now that they could not do before. As one author notes, there is "widespread agreement that information technology (defined to include telecommunications, computer hardware and software and access to the Internet) serves to promote globalization and that this influence is transmitted through a wide variety of different mechanisms" (James 507). When one considers the day-to-day effects of new technology, it is not difficult to understand this point. For example, before the Internet and email, international communication was by telephone or regular postal delivery. Before integrated software was developed, businesses had no way of efficiently working with one another across international lines. The pure speed at which businesses can operate together has been increased dramatically, making business markets more efficient. Economic globalization puts national economies into the same markets as other countries and, as the markets become more "interconnected," these national economies become "increasingly interdependent" (Lupel 156). Most people see globalization and this relationship between countries as a good thing. ...
.[or] a group of software experts from Bulgaria can communicate about technical matters with their counterparts in the United States and understand them perfectly is a miracle [that] does not even begin to describe how fast we have advanced and how far we have come in terms of technology and globalization" (Samli 2). For sure, these abilities have been made possible by new technologies, and the advance of technology still to come will only increase this concept.
Some people do not think that technology has driven globalization, but that it has followed it. In other words, it isn't because of technology that we have globalization; it is because of globalization that we use the technology. One author says it like this: " spite of the enthusiasm for science that accompanied each wave of globalization, as a historical rule it was primarily commerce and finance that drove globalization, not science or technology" (Pettis 52). I don't think that this position makes that much difference in how the two things work together. Whether technology causes globalization or globalization makes technology improve is not that important; the point is that technology is a very important part of globalization and plays a strong role in supporting its growth and efficiency.
The relationship between globalization and technology is very strong. Technology supports the process because it helps individuals, companies, and entire national economies work together to become more efficient. There is also a social aspect because different cultures are being exposed to one another, which promotes more business and understanding. Whether the technology comes in the form of telecommunication, new computer software, or just an Internet chat room, the world is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Small Business Encyclopedia defines globalization as the process by which the economies of countries around the world become increasingly integrated over time. This integration occurs as technological advances expedite the trade of goods and services, the flow of capital, and the migration of people across international borders (globalization,
The shreds of evidence of globalization are all around us. For example, Hill (2005) cites an example of an American driving a car designed and produced in Germany that was assembled in Mexico from components made in Japan fabricated by Korean steel and Malaysian rubber. The car is filled with gasoline from oil pumped from off the coast of Africa, at a service station o...
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From the above light green curve, it is clear that international trade has increased gradually from 1994 till 1997. In 1998 through international trade in this region had decreased a bit, it aga...
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This split, however, helped the airlines to take i...
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Routines are recurrent in nature, they are collective in that they employ actors at different levels and such can be distributed by space and organizational levels. Actors at different levels of the organization are therefore brought together by the routines. Another aspect of consideration in the nature of routines is the thought that routines can just be a mindless following of a way of action and can also be seen as mindful efforts directed towards the realization of set goals or objectives (Becker, 2004. p.646-648).
Technology has taken a toll on the shape of organizational routines (Rudd, n.d. p. 2). Organizations have been in a race in adapting to new technologies. New communication mechanisms and novel technologies hav...
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Technology has no doubt had an incredible impact on our lives in many ways, such as through making information and other things more accessible, facilitating all kinds of tasks including communication, making life easier and more enjoyable, but these developments have come at the expense of reducing our involvement, making people unable to cope with situations when the technology breaks down, and so on. It is argued that situations of over-reliance and dependency do exist, so technology has indeed taken over and that people should, therefore, use technology effectively so they can derive its benefits but also cautiously so that it does not cause any detrimental effects in a situation where they are avoidable.

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