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Services Marketing - Case Study Example

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ELECTTRICO, The very name exudes the allure and scintillation of a romantic trysting place for lovers to lose themselves in. This, in a nutshell, is the service product this specialty restaurant aims to provide its discriminating fine-dining clientele. Needless to say, the challenge is considerable, not only for its hard-to-please customers, but more so because Electtrico is in the business of consistently creating an intangible that demands quality but defies demarcation.
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Services Marketing Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages For a restaurant like Electtrico, this means refurbishing interiors to reflect the warmth and romance of a lover's rendezvous that is at once secluded yet accessible. The setting is tranquil but effervescent, the lights subdued and hypnotic, the music playing sweet and intoxicating from the dining hall's grand piano. This completes the service theatre.
And then the sumptuous repast comprised of the restaurant's renowned Italian-Mediterranean fare rendered expertly by its award-winning chef, washed down with gourmet wines from Italy's finest vineyards. Elegant setting, gastronomic delights, gracious attendants, complimented with the practical considerations of ease of parking and accessibility of location - these would be the essentials that would define the Electtrico experience.
Situated in the heart of London's business district, Electtrico is geared towards the young professionals who, in their late twenties and up, have begun to develop the sophistication to enjoy fine dining. Currently situated on the lower level of a two-story edifice, the restaurant proper is complimented by a pizza bar where the young, single and available can meet new acquaintances.
In fine, this paper will bring together suggestions for the restaurant's marketing mix by which it will attract its clientele and mount a bid to compete against the other Italian restaurants within a comparable niche segment while differentiating its service. This paper will determine the pricing strategy to be adopted, training for the front line employees, the physical evidence as previously described, and the process of orchestrating the entire experience. With the price being the major differentiating factor in any business, and keeping in mind the major target segment, the price at the restaurant can be fixed at a level which is just above the average so a balance is achieved in all respects. Also, this kind of a pricing strategy can attract other target segments in large numbers. This study will also harmonize all these elements into a cogent and strategic whole, so that Electtrico's management will be guided in the further choices and revisions it may wish to introduce.
Ultimately, by these suggestions, it is expected that Electtrico will be able to increase its market share, improve customer retention, and establish a leading name in this industry.
Benvenuto, caro amico!
I Exterior of the restaurant
1.1 Architectural style and signage
Restaurant visibility and accessibility constitutes an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Services Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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