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Case Study #4 - Essay Example

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I am a counselor of a local school who is currently facing the counseling of twelve boys faced with serious academic problems. To make my counseling sessions more attractive and for a further evaluation of the students, I have started a breakfast club with them being my only members…
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Case Study #4
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Extract of sample "Case Study #4"

Full topic and Section # of Analysis of Case I am a counselor of a local school who is currently facing the counseling of twelve boys faced with serious academic problems. To make my counseling sessions more attractive and for a further evaluation of the students, I have started a breakfast club with them being my only members. This gives me a chance to feed them properly (as breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most commonly students have been found lagging behind in their studies just because of lack of concentration as a result of not having eaten breakfast) and get closer to them. This again will give me an edge in successfully counsel them as not only will they be more comfortable with me, they will also be able to confide more personal details and important events of their current lives which they normally would not have done so. Now there is a single case in these 12 cases which is proving to be harder to manage. The boy's name is Ray. He was doing well enough till the time came when he started not coming for counseling sessions. On digging deeper into the matter, it was found out that he has started hanging with company which will only worsen his situation of academic hardship. The reason which his mates have given for this behavior is that he is made fun of in school.
Plan of Action
While the rest of the group of my ''breakfast club'' is doing well enough, I will continue on track with them. But, for Ray, I will have to make an extra effort if a really want to help in making the boy's future successful. The best option I have at the particular moment is to make Ray more comfortable with talking and approaching me with his problems. To do this, I will have to call him for my counseling sessions regularly because, as stated previously, "breakfast clubs" help in unwinding the child and also help in making that atmosphere a little less academic and a bit friendlier. This will give me the required time and place to start my counseling while he is most comfortable with his surroundings.
Theory to Apply
The best theory to apply in this particular case is Sigmund Freud's "Psychoanalytic Theory". This theory basically works in the way that I will try to get to the bottom of the boy's behavior through his subconscious mind. As he is feeling like a misfit in school and is not open enough or he is not aware why he is acting in such a way, the best option is to take information from his subconscious mind and piece it together to find a cure of how to redirect his thought processes and changing his perceptions.
Best Practices for "at risk" Students
Just as no one person is the same, there is also a very high level of certainty that each person's behavior, though the same, might be for entirely different reasons. Therefore it stands to reason that there are no strict guidelines of which theories to apply for "at risk students". There are however, three basic theories to choose from:
Each is highly popular and highly refined but relevant to particular situations to get the best results. Careful analysis of the situation is required before one decides to use a particular theory as we are talking about the human brain, which is the most complex thing to understand in the world and the slightest bit of carelessness can result in damage beyond repair for the patient.
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Case Study #4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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