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Tim Hortons - Assignment Example

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It is important to go into individual achievements and personal growth of an employee with regards to his terms of employment. This is done periodically which may be quarterly, half-yearly or annually (Chapman, Alan; 2009).
In terms of recruitment, it is important to support the new recruit or else the new recruit will continue keep struggling and perhaps even failing…
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Tim Hortons
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Extract of sample "Tim Hortons"

Tim Hortons TIM HORTONS Grace Sarkar Order No. 423068 17 March Table of Contents JobAnalysis, Job Evaluation, and Job Performance 3
Decision Making 3
Training and Development 3
Polices and Appraisals 3
Teamwork 4
Motivation 4
Leadership 4
Sources 5
What criteria, or standards for decision making, does the business follow in terms of Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, and Job Performance
It is important to go into individual achievements and personal growth of an employee with regards to his terms of employment. This is done periodically which may be quarterly, half-yearly or annually (Chapman, Alan; 2009).
Decision Making: How does the business make personal decisions in terms of recruitment, affirmative action, assessment and selection of applicants, and classification of employees
In terms of recruitment, it is important to support the new recruit or else the new recruit will continue keep struggling and perhaps even failing. There must be support and positive action from the business' side towards the new recruit during his probationary period. It is easy to test skills and suitability through tests. But loyalty and bond are achieved by training and empowering the new employees (Chapman, Alan; 2009).
Training and Development: How does the business assess training needs and what are their methods and technique of training
Training needs are assessed through group interactions and observations by the human resource departments. The methods and techniques of training must be scientifically objective. This requires appropriately scaling the individual employee's performance through scores such as "needs improving, good, and excellent" (Chapman, Alan; 2009).
Polices and Appraisals. What is the businesses' measurement in regards to job performance
The measurements are identified as: "little or no competence, some competence but below the required level, competence at required level, or competence exceeds required level (Chapman, Alan; 2009).
Teamwork: What type of teams and teamwork does the business utilize How do they select and structure the teams, how do they train them, and how do they appraise them
Teams work best when they are given specific projects to work on. The selection and structure of teams depend on the size of the project and number of qualified personnel required in each team. They are trained on the basis of the job requirements and they are appraised through tests and observation by superiors as well as the human resource departments (Chaudron, David).
Motivation: What strategies does your business utilize in regards to employee motivation
Our business follows various strategies. We recognize good performance with a good back pat. We also recognize good performances through cash prize, good performance certificates and promotions (Employee Motivation & Job Satisfaction, 2009).
Leadership: What type of leader does the business seem to hire and keep
Business hires a flexible leader. The flexible leader is a manager as well as leader. He knows a leadership is not manager and manager is not a leader. At the same time, he is capable of bonding with his men on a personal and emotional level. He has business targets. He meets his business targets using personal and emotional skills (Fletcher, Douglas; 2010).
Chapman, Alan; 2009, Performance Appraisals,
Chaudron, David; Improving cross-functional teamwork,
Employee Motivation & Job Satisfaction, 2009,
Fletcher, Douglas; 2010, Art of Leadership - Human Side of Enterprise (Part One), Read More
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Tim Hortons Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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