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Philosophy of Life - Personal Statement Example

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Every human being enjoys a particular philosophy of life which mainly depends on his way of thinking or perception about life and one's experience of life can be a crucial factor determining one's convictions and philosophies. Correspondingly, my philosophy about the most suitable approach teaching mathematics, which stresses the problem-centered learning, has been determined by experiences as a Mathematics student…
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Philosophy of Life
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Extract of sample "Philosophy of Life"

Philosophy Every human being enjoys a particular philosophy of life which mainly depends on his way of thinking or perception about life and one's experience of life can be a crucial factor determining one's convictions and philosophies. Correspondingly, my philosophy about the most suitable approach teaching mathematics, which stresses the problem-centered learning, has been determined by experiences as a Mathematics student. As the theoretical evidences indicate, mathematicsis perceived as a discipline and there has been a significant change in the way students in modern world learn. In this background, there is a vital need for new approaches toteachingmathematics. Therefore, my philosophy about the approach of Mathematics teaching is based on the current research evidences and my approach provides ample opportunity for the students to exhibit their innate problem solving and mathematical skills. As a student, I rarely had an opportunity to utilize my skills and abilities in Mathematics as the teachers were not aware of the ability of the students to learn the subject in meaningful way and I always wished for opportunities to prove myself. Therefore, I propose problem-centered learning which gives the maximum scope for students to demonstrate their understanding of the mathematical problems and I deeply believe in their innate ability. This approach has been found a motivating and commandingapproachtoteachingmathematics and my experience with the approach proves how effectively problem-centered learning can be implemented. It is most significant that the learner best acquires Mathematical competence through his practical expertise. Therefore, based on my experiences, I advocate an innovative and theoretical approach to teaching of Mathematics where the role of the learner is greatly important and there should be drastic changes in the traditional thinking about the learner's ability. Read More
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Philosophy of Life after Death

...Philosophy of Life after Death Introduction There exists many believes of immortality also known as life after death. Persons are believed to survive death and remain in a conscious mind after receiving some rewards and punishments. Christians believe in life after death and that their members go either to heaven, purgatory or to hell according to one’s morals. Abraham religions and materialistic believe in the resurrection of the dead where the body will take another form and survive death. Gods establish a resurrection of a person based on ones actions and beliefs. In contrast, believe in life after death through life where the spirit migrates from one body to the reincarnated form. It is necessary to think of oneself as one thinks...
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Philosophy of Life

Throughout my whole life the sense of family has been a value instilled in me by my grandparents and parents. They have always have stressed the importance of spending time together as a family, so growing up, family has just been a part of the person I was slowly becoming. Every Sunday after church,our family tradition has always been to have my father’s side of the family to get together for breakfast. It is something that is always the same, we have the main dish of cheesy eggs with toast, and everyone is responsible for bringing a side dish to go with the main meal. My grandparent’s house is filled with the chattering and laughing of everyone updating one another on how their week has gone. The men sit in the family room disc...
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Do Only What You Feel Like Doing as a Today's Philosophy of Life

... commercials tell us. This attitude and this philosophy of life are not beneficial to us. It means a life lacked of harmony, which, according to Plato, is essential to life. Robert S Brumbaugh, analyzing Plato’s work, comments upon the philosopher’s ideas referring to temperance- which is defined as “harmony among the parts of the soul”. We need to say, first of all, that the soul is, in Plato’s opinion, tripartite, being composed of a rational part, an emotional one and the appetite area. “Reason, with its ideal due of measure, must limit appetite which left to itself is just a blind desire to have more. If appetite rules, this creates a psychological imbalance, not consistent with wisdom or courage. ” (216) Starting from Plato’s idea...
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... ____________ ID: _________ Sartre's Philosophy of Life Jean Paul Sartre - a twentieth century philosopher who believes in atheisticexistentialism, suggests that man is human in nature and from birth to the end of his life, he is limited to choose certain actions. These actions depict that he is free to choose from among alternatives and cannot escape choosing. Existentialism makes a man miserable and forlorn in the world and since man is not the creator of this universe, he is unable to understand the consequences of making decisions. Sartre's philosophy is that existentialism is close to humanism and as a child smiles with no worries in his inner consciousness or subconsciousness, so is the man who must lead his life as closer to nature...
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...not worth all the luxuries acquired in a lifetime. If everyone adhered to my philosophy of life, the world just might be a better place. If all the citizens of the world were passionate about their occupation and followed them honestly, there could be prosperity, peace, and harmony in all the nations of the world. People could find a way to be healthy and happy, stress-free and satisfied, but what is required for this is a tremendous amount of self-belief and integrity in each and every one of us. The future will look brighter, less fraught with environmental concerns and fuel shortage, fewer wars, and better living conditions for one and all. For myself, I am at a juncture in my life...
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... 13 June 2008 Discuss Murphy's philosophy of life in the light of Existentialism The novel Murphy by SamuelBeckett appeared in 1938. This is a unique work portraying two different worlds: the world of a normal people and the world of insanity. Samuel Beckett vividly portrays that the world of insanity is just a, alternative to consciousness. Thesis In the novel, the main character, Murphy, creates his own world based on unique values and personal vision of reality and the life. Existentialism states that a person can create the meaning of their life and understanding of the world around him. In the novel, Beckett portrays Murphy's desire to move from the self to madness, to escape the reality and the world around him. At stake here...
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...not exist and that life had no purpose at all. That was over, fortunately. Now, I wholeheartedly believe that life has some significant purposes, just like what I have mentioned in the paper. Later on, I expect to discover more purposes of life. Basically, all of the views I used as the philosophy of life are lifetime works in progress. They have experienced significant changes in the past and they might change again in the future. Simply speaking, saying that my views are the best and the most accurate visions are obviously ridiculous. Life is much too complicated to be understood completely within our short lifetime. Thus, opening...
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...Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: Shakespeare's Philosophy of Life Second In Act V, Scene 1, of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the gravediggers unearth the skull of King Hamlet’s jester Yorick while they are digging the grave for the dead Ophelia. Young Hamlet, who is watching the action, comes to comment on the skull, saying that he knew Yorick well, allowing himself to indulge for a moment in childhood reminiscence before he lapses back into the philosophical ruminations about the nature of life that are the primary subject of the play. In this scene, Shakespeare relays a powerful message about his own philosophy of life as he shows through the symbolism of the remains of dead Yorick that when we come to the end of our lives, there are very few...
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Lance Armstrong Talks about Philosophy of Life

...ney. After all winning is not as important as the whole world around us keep stressing so much. References 1. Khareabhinna, 2011, 10 Best Quotes by Lance Armstrong, Fifth, Retrieved November 16, 2012 from 2. Morioka, Masahiro, 2012, Human Dignity and the Manipulation of the Sense of Happiness from the Viewpoint of Bioethics and Philosophy of Life, Journal of Philosophy of Life, Vol.2, No.1. Retrieved November 16, 2012 from 3. Eckert, Susan, 2002, 10 Life Philosophies to Ease the Mind,, Retrieved November 16, 2012 from...
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Philosophy of life

...Running head: THE “GOOD” IN LIFE The “good” in life and the of the philosophy of life Customer’s Name Institution THE “GOOD” IN LIFE 2 Abstract This paper contains the information about philosophy of life and the meaning of “good” interpreted in different ways. The main goal of this paper is to give the distinctive definition of the concept of what is “good” in life and what is the “sense of life” searched every day by thousands of people. It is quite difficult, because every person understands these concepts differently. There are several quotations of famous philosophers about life, its sense and manifestations in this work which can be accepted by the reader either in a positive or in a negative way. Working...
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Bandura's Philosophy Theory

His memories are an accumulation of yesterdays. In yesterday's are written his dealings to others and to himself. He finds life more meaningful in the lives of others. His reason for living is to serve others because he learns more of himself by dealing, relating with and loving others. Hence his motto in life is: “Do to others what he wants others to do to him.”

Bandura’s theory confirms the reality of the experience. A man needs mirroring of others to tell him whether what he is doing is fine or not. The wife is the best critic of the husband and vice versa. This is what makes marriage a wonderful ground for discovery for the two is made into one yet uniqueness of each is still there.

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Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life

Empowering employees and organizing around teams are aimed at BMW for facilitating communication and making it easier for decisions to be made. It helps the company to respond quickly to customer’s needs and it’s competitor’s challenges. It helps them learn to prioritize tasks and reduce job stress. A workforce that is knowledgeable and skilled at doing complex things keeps a company competitive and attracts investments. Improved productivity means fewer people, less money, less time, less space and fewer resources. Bonuses are given to workers on giving superb ideas related to cutting cost savings, as they are directly involved in the production. BMW prefers increased participation from the worker’s side....
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Strict Liability of Law Philosophy

The use of the strict liability is also justified on the ground on of adoption of legal policies which attains a socially desirable purpose which the legislative body has the sole prerogative to promote and protect in the pursuit of public welfare. Arguments for and against the thesis using decided cases and other author’s views will also be discussed and resolved any issues will follow on the basis of whether there is enough ground or to uphold the thesis of this paper.
Strict liability rule first is beneficial to society. In at least two decided cases this theory was clearly shown by the courts. The first is the case of United States V. Balint et al., 258 U.S. 250 (1922). The facts of the said case had it that “...
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Human Resource Management: Work-Life Balance

Corporate leaders understand that employee's work and family lives rarely inextricably linked. They always have been but today, with increased pressures in both domains, the overlap and the challenges created are increasingly obvious and complex to resolve. Solving the paradox seated in an organization need to be optimally productive and the individuals need to find quality time to meet domestic responsibilities, to establish, maintain and grow relationships and to relax and re-charge, is the great challenge of the new millennium. Most managers have yet to overcome the conundrum for themselves let alone help employees resolve it in their lives.
The prospects for easing the work/ life imbalance dilemma lie, at least in part, i...
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Anwering Three Questions of Philosophy

Basically, where he drew a comparison between the two, was by equating their attempt to explain concepts and constructs therein, by the use of numbers (Pythagoras) and ideas (Plato).

Aristotle believed that these were comparable in the sense, that these were arrangements of convenience, wherein additions or subtractions in the notions could be contrived at a theoretical convenience, just so that a link could be established amongst the theoretical construct originally proposed by them. Aristotle believed that Plato advocated the notion that forms (ideas) cause both existence and generation. On the other hand, Aristotle felt that Pythagoras supported the idea that numbers try to explain the connotation of the universe and...
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Philosophy of Education

As a consequence of my belief about the motivational dimension of students, I have come to the conclusion that school is a setting where one is allowed to discover new ideas and ways of thinking. Therefore the purpose of school is to provide a place where an individual can be exposed to different ways of thinking and thereby empower the individual to make quality decisions in life.

In view of the fact that school provides a gateway to new horizons, it is the conviction of the author of this paper that all children should be educated. It is their right to learn and be exposed to a plethora of ideas about life. Regardless of their color, race, creed, socio-economic background, physical, intellectual or emotional state, al...
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Effects of Menopause on Women's Life

It is typically accompanied by some distressing physical and psychological symptoms in women that also impact middle adulthood. There is variation in the age at which menopause occurs; in the USA the average age at menopause is 51 years, but the usual range is 45 to 56 years. For unknown reasons ovaries gradually begin to change on hormone production during a womens mid-30s. In the womens the late 40s, the process speeds up and hormones fluctuate or change more causing irregular periods.

Some womens periods stop suddenly; others experience a perimenopause, a phase of irregular menstruation, and symptoms such as memory disturbance, bloating and feeling tired, that may be troublesome for 5 to 10 years. (Brown, 2002)
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Its a Wonderful Life and The Third Man: Messages in Film

The film It’s a Wonderful Life is 1946, World War II, a film by director Frank Capra, starring a beloved American actor, Jimmy Stewart. The film is intended to inspire hope, which might have been sorely lacking in World War II America. The themes of hope, faith, and goodwill are prevalent. Faith is prominent, in that, an angel is sent to guide an earthly human, George Bailey, in his life during a time when the world around him seems to be falling apart. The film begins by establishing the fact that a heavenly hand is needed in the life of the main character, George Bailey (Gehring, Wes, 1988, 135). The segue then is to the young George Bailey, so that the angel, and the audience, can understand who George Bailey is as an adu...
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Reflecting on Personal Life Experiences Utilizing Sociological Perspectives

The experience would touch on my initiation to my very first educational experience and developing my primary group in school.

Secondly, I would reflect on my studies during elementary years in a small exclusive private school in Vietnam. The next phase I consider of great significance in my academic experience is the privilege given me during my 9th grade to 12th-grade studies in a relatively different culture, in Melbourne, Australia.

Finally, a milestone in this journey through life is the recent migration to the United States to complete my higher education with Chemistry as my major in Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, California.

The evolution of sociology could be traced to the development...
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Important Issues of Community Life

Community life has its advantages but also has its limitations to the members and the outsiders.
“The good things we secure for ourselves are uncertain and precious until it is secured for everyone and incorporated into our common life.”-Jane Addams. With society moving faster and more detached to technology, busy schedules, and job changes, it becomes harder and harder to feel a sense of community. This can result in a life of solitude and a lose a sense of belonging. Community life helps extract people out of this solitude life and introduce better, challenging and fun tasks such as participation in acts of kindness. It also provides room for volunteering, meeting neighbors, discussing important issues with othe...
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