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Philosophy of Life - Essay Example

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For each one of us there is a need to have a core belief or value by which to live, and support it with all our heart. This could be personal, derived from what we have read, what we have observed in our parents and peer group, or our role models in public life: a philosophical code that we consider our own…
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Philosophy of Life Essay
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Extract of sample "Philosophy of Life"

Download file to see previous pages This is based on the premise that all of us are equipped with an evolutionary drive, which instinctively prods us to do our best, because in this world, it is all about the survival of the fittest. If we do not do well, we may perish, and this keeps us on our feet from birth onwards, as we grow, and learn to support ourselves. If we choose the field to which we are best suited, and for which we have a passion, we live at our fullest, because the job satisfaction in this case is very high. Moreover, our chances of survival and success are heightened. If we succeed in our lives, we can live in the best conditions possible and offer the best opportunities to our offspring.
To achieve success, it is also assumed that persistent hard work is the key. Hard work on the part of each of us ensures that the economy of the nation continues to grow and living conditions improve. If each of us does our job, and does it well while taking a pride in it, chances are that we flourish as a civilization. Those in the field of science and technology take us into our future, those who are in the art scene add aesthetic value to our lives, those in conservation protect our forests, those in political roles lead us well, doctors keep us healthy-- down to the cab driver and the cleaning woman; each of us has a real contribution to make.
Also important in this regard is the assumption that the moral standards of society are followed. In order to survive as a community and a nation, it is essential that each and every one of us follows a distinct moral code, which enjoins that all earnings are the fruits of hard labour, and not gained through unfair means like cheating, forgery, robbery, extortion and so on. If people try to succeed by hook or by crook, crime levels will rise, and society may reach a point of breakdown.
The person who works hard to earn an honest living contributes to the society , and is useful not only to his family but his nation as a whole, so this is the first good reason to support my philosophy of life. In developed countries, it is important that the citizens work hard to keep their economies growing, to educate their children so they can carry on the responsibilities of the previous generation, to make forays into science and technology, develop alternative energy resources, and improve living standards and health care for the nation as a whole. In developing nations it is even more important that the citizens work honestly and very hard, because they have a long way to go in order to achieve economic power. They need to find their favorite fields of work and do their job with a passion if they want to survive as a nation in this new century.
Secondly, a lot of the disharmony, war and crime we see around us is because people are unfulfilled. Economic inequities lead to political instigation and social discontent. But in a society where everyone works hard for a living at a job they love well, and earns sufficient remuneration in exchange, less people are inclined to create trouble, because everyone is occupied and has no time for mischief; and they all know that any disturbance will jeopardize their current prosperity. And if a country as a whole prospers due to the efforts of its citizens, it is less likely to get into a war, which can only harm its interests and drain its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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