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Describe the benefits and shortcomings of regionally aligned brigade combat teams and determine whether or not the brigade combat teams are effective - Essay Example

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Even as army troops are slowly being removed from former trouble spots like Iraq and Afghanistan, there is concern that there are other troubled areas…
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Describe the benefits and shortcomings of regionally aligned brigade combat teams and determine whether or not the brigade combat teams are effective
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Extract of sample "Describe the benefits and shortcomings of regionally aligned brigade combat teams and determine whether or not the brigade combat teams are effective"

Download file to see previous pages Their responsibilities will include learning the values of different cultures, political peculiarities, regional languages and tongues, and geographic aspects of the areas they are assigned to. To achieve self sufficiency, brigade combat teams have additional support features such as reconnaissance, artillery, and medical companies. In the present global environment, which is characterized by instability in many parts, regionally aligning forces is likely to accomplish more military objectives.
The aspect of regionally aligning forces could also result in additional resources provided for the purpose of sustaining cultural awareness in different parts where this mechanism is employed. Any training that is geared for implementing regional alignment will result in the improvement of planning, operations, and partnering between host nations.
In the global environment, soldiers could benefit more from being proficient in language and culture, than in possessing the most recent technologically advanced weapons of war. This kind of cultural proficiency also enhances operational effectiveness (Tan).
Another benefit of brigade combat teams has to do with ensuring cost effectiveness. The use of regionally aligned forces will naturally lessen the costs incurred in transporting soldiers and their families abroad, in order to implement partnership operations. The example, for instance, provided in the reduction of foreign based combat brigades which are based in Europe from four to two, while enacting rotations with foreign partners is something that will result in the families of army personnel enjoying more predictability and stability.
One of the biggest problems facing the creation of regionally aligned brigade combat teams has to do with the general army objectives. It is normal for all teams and operations to be have objectives that are aligned with the most important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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