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The Battle of New Orleans - Article Example

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This essay describes the War of 1812 pitted the British and the Americans against one another, and one of the battlegrounds came to be in what would later become the state of Louisiana. Meanwhile, American troops under Jackson moved to confront the British…
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The Battle of New Orleans
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Download file to see previous pages The British moved in for a predawn attack, but due to problems crossing the river were delayed until daylight. Nonetheless, the forces of one of the three sections, under the command of General Gibbs, continued with the original plan. The attack began after a signal of one rocket being fired from each of the two attacking sections. The British then began to charge into the American position but were met quickly with artillery fire that ripped through their lines. American rifle fire along with a continued slew of artillery managed to stop this advance.
The British losses continued to be heavy, as every wave that attacked the American lines was fiercely repelled. Many British officers were killed during this part of the battle, including Pakenham and Gibbs. Keanes, commanding the reserve force of Highlanders, saw the devastation and soon moved to reinforce the attacking element. His wave met the same fate as the others, however, and suffered heavy losses. The attacking section that had not yet been met with defeat, however, was still well hidden amongst the fogs near the river. This section, under General Lambert, made its advance and nearly took the right side of the American line. Quickly, however, American forces fired back on this section and again brought heavy casualties while suppressing their advance successfully. However, the British did see some success on the opposite bank of the river, where they landed and were opposed by fatigued militia forces. A weak line existed overall on this side of the river and was only of much use because its naval guns near the river had contributed to the artillery fire that repelled the British attack against Jackson’s line. After the British broke this line, the success was short-lived, as the order to withdraw came in.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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