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Review: Andrew Jackson Potter, the Noted Person of the Texan Frontier - Book Report/Review Example

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Instructor name: Unit Name: Date Topic:  Book Review: Andrew Jackson The book Andrew Jackson was written by William Garrott Brown and gives a biography of Andrew Jackson. The book contains six main chapters; the first chapter gives a brief history of Jackson’s early life in his hometown Waxhaws…
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Book Review: Andrew Jackson Potter, the Noted Person of the Texan Frontier
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"Review: Andrew Jackson Potter, the Noted Person of the Texan Frontier"

Download file to see previous pages In the book, Andrew Jackson is described as a man of his words who when he was president gave orders that had to be followed without being questioned. Brown however argues that even though many viewed him as a dictator, his friends believed that he put the interests of the American people as his first priority. However, his enemies criticised his commanding character and viewed it as a form of dictatorship that resulted in slavery of those who served him. The author describes Andrew as an Irish Scottish boy who hailed from a poor family background. Andrew’s parents moved to the United States in 1765 and they settled in a Scotch-Irish settlement called Waxhaws. According to Brown, Andrew was brought up in Waxhaws, an area that was characterised by habits such as horseracing and smoking tobacco and it happened that Andrew adopted the habits of the residents. The author indicates that Andrew and his family were subjected to a lot of suffering and his mother and brothers died leaving him alone. The author however says that Andrew hated debts and admired women. Andrew was a hardworking boy with leadership skills. After finishing school, he was appointed to be the public prosecutor of the Tennessee district where life was harder than his hometown. The town was made of very tough inhabitants who hated foreigners and were always ready to fight their enemies. Therefore, his job as the public prosecutor was to ensure law and order is maintained in the district. Andrew served the people with a lot of courage and wisdom and was admired by many people in the district. His good work earned him a lot of respect from the community and he was popular among the community. The author also talks about his controversial marriage to his wife Rachel and describes the painful moments and negative criticisms that he went through to officially marry his wife. In addition, the author asserts that this criticism about his wife motivated him to fight for the rights of women and always admired them. Brown however argues that despite the painful moments, they still lived together happily until they died. The second chapter talks about Jackson’s entry into politics where he served in congress as a representative of Tennessee, his role in the drafting of the constitution and the insignificant posts he held at the House of Representatives and in the Senate. In chapter two, the author also writes that Jackson held a post of a judge although it was short-lived because as the author indicates, he resigned following a quarrel with John Sevier a former governor. He continues doing business and farming. In the same, chapter the author mentions that Jackson loved sporting especially horseracing. In 1796, Jackson took his seat as a member of the convention that was called to frame a constitution for the State of Tennessee. He thus entered on a brief career of public service, in the course of which he held three important offices. In the autumn of 1796 he was chosen to be Tennessee's first representative in Congress. A year later he was appointed United States Senator and held the office until he resigned in April, 1798. From 1798 until 1804, he was a justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee. In chapter three, the author talks about the successful attack of Pensacola. In this chapter, the author argues his earlier claims that Jackson was always ready to do what was right at all costs even if it was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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