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The two were among the first ten presidents of the United States after gaining independence. Analyzing these two personalities can help give a…
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Andrew jacks and William Henry Harrison
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Comparison of Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison Andrew Jackson and William Harrison are in the history of the American politics as the seventh and ninth presidents respectively. The two were among the first ten presidents of the United States after gaining independence. Analyzing these two personalities can help give a glimpse of the leadership patterns of the United States presidents. Such information is critical in understanding where the great nation of American is coming from, and relating the leadership priorities then and today. This paper will compare the two personalities.
Andrew Jackson born in 1767, and William Harrison born in 1773, occupied the white house in the same era, 1829-1841. Apparently, the circumstances surrounding the United States during that period were similar. Both of these presidents were born during a time when the United States was under the British colonial rulership. This translates to the fact that both Jackson and Harrison were aware of the struggle towards independence, which was of critical importance to the kind of leadership they exercised. Before rising to the presidential positions, both Jackson and Harrison had held numerous positions in the government that served to prepare them for presidency.
Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, and took office in 1829. He set the record for being the first democrat to occupy the white house, making him a pace setter for the democratic affiliation that has become stronger over the years. He remained in office for two terms. During his terms, he redefined the executive powers accorded to the president (Brands 14). The previous presidents had operated much like chief administrators, but he expanded such mandate to the level of the popular tribune. He participated in the revolutionary war, a factor that helped him to understand the type of freedom that American needed.
He ascended to office during a time when America was struggling to register economic growth, but taxation on the roads and high import taxes were major setbacks. His introduction of subsidies in the transportation process, and importation protective tariffs defined his initial policies in presidency (Gunderson 34). Jackson also contributed to the ‘bank war’ policies that surrounded the charter accorded to the Second Bank of the United States. He extended the charter past the preset expiry date, and transferred the federal state’s deposits to a bank chartered by the state a year later. This action triggered a financial crisis that culminated into a full-blown depression in the years that followed 1837. He exhibited a protective stand of the common citizen from the wealthy elite of the society.
On the other hand, William Harrison was the ninth American president who ascended to power in March 1841 and belonged to the Whig party. He served for only one month in office after a successful battle to presidency with Martin Van Buren (Doak 23). He marked the first president of the United States to face his death while in office. He accomplished little in the one month that he ruled as president although the nation still needed redemption from the financial problems created by Jackson. However, he succumbed to a cold in April the same year (Gaines 40).
Evidently, the two presidents highlighted above were born when America was still under the British rule. They had witnessed the revolutionary war that earned America freedom. The first democrat president Jackson had eight years in office that he used to expand the executive powers to a new level. On the other hand, William Harrison had no time to build himself a legacy because he succumbed into a cold that he had developed in his inauguration period.
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