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Air Force Space Surveillance System - Essay Example

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Air Force Space Surveillance System Date: Introduction Air Force Space Surveillance System is the multistatic government owned radar system used for the purpose of detecting orbital objects that happen to pass over America…
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Air Force Space Surveillance System
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Download file to see previous pages Practical, technical, and policy aspects of the Air Force Space Surveillance System Practically, the air force system for surveillance is used for the purpose of tracking objects with precise accuracy in the entire existing satellite catalogue. It is applicable also in the US military for the purpose of tracking both medium and large sized objects that exists in the orbit. It is capable of tracking approximately 23,000 manmade equipments and objects rotating in the orbit taken by Earth itself. This material information is used by the US military for the sole purpose of SSA operations and work. These operations include the detection of potential and dangerous manmade and natural threats to its orbiting satellites (Chaplian, 2010). Additionally, practically it is used for the detection of the close approaching objects that could result into devastating and unfortunate collisions. Technically, the air force system for surveillance has three distinctive transmitters located at differentiated places in the United States of America. The differentiated technical locations are Lake Kickapoo, Jordan Lake, and Gila River. These places have been selected since they are strategically vital and workable with the surveillance system operative mechanisms. The one that is located at Lake Kickapoo is believed to be the most powerful and essential continuous wave station globally. It works and operates with a radiated power of about 768 kWv on a scope of 216.97927 MHz (Angelo, 2009). The other two locations have their own distinctive technical qualities as well. These qualities are the same. They both share the commonality of having the originality in design by possessing the antennas twice the current length. This is important as it allows the two transmitters to have greater and stronger radiated power. Apart from the transmitters, there exits receiving stations. Policy aspects of the AFSSS The policy aspects of the air force system for surveillance are numerous. The fast policy in regard to the air force system for surveillance was operated under a maintenance and operations contract. This ensured that the daily running and operations of the air force system for surveillance was under a contractual accord under the Five Rivers Service. The Five Rivers Service is based in Colorado. The other policy that revolved around the air force system for surveillance is that it had differentiated aspects that related to its running. This included policies regarding its contract modification aimed at managing, operating, and logistically supporting the total nine surveillance field stations. This was done for the fiscal year of 2012. It enabled the air force system of surveillance to continue to operate. Tool for decision-making The air force system for surveillance works by under a given contractor who mans it providing all the required labor support and personnel to maintain and operate all the seven AFSSS filed stations. The contractor works on checking the performance of the seven field stations since the air force system for surveillance has been identifies as a crucial and vital defense system. The entire system works by being manned 24/7 on a 7-days-a –week basis annually at the respective transmitter sites. The tool is used for decision making since it monitors the threats that exist to space and earth satellites. This means that in any case when there is a threat of collision or damage probability on lone of these satellites; decisions have to be made on whether the threat should be terminated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Air Force Space Surveillance System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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