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Introduction: International Narcotics Control organization obeys legislative rules and policies of countering narcotics. Under Section 706 Foreign Relation Authorization Act (FRAA), it strives hard to pursue the International Counter narcotics Agreement and sets the potential measurement against the drug-transit and illegal drug producing countries…
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Narcotics Trafficking Paper
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Introduction: International Narcotics Control organization obeys legislative rules and policies of countering narcotics. Under Section 706 Foreign Relation Authorization Act (FRAA), it strives hard to pursue the International Counter narcotics Agreement and sets the potential measurement against the drug-transit and illegal drug producing countries. This International Narcotic organization promotes the objectives for countering illegal production of narcotic drugs and their trafficking, and also counters drug money mafia and brutally punishes those who break the law. Evaluation: Embargoed, International Narcotic Control Strategy Report, Drug and Chemical Control, Volume I, March 1, 2010. According to the report, vast areas are being used for illegitimate cultivation opium, poppy, cocoa, cannabis and other drugs and their transit is being carried out without the consent of other countries. The drugs are affecting and entering different countries very quickly. These drugs are easily being spread due to the consent of corrupt legislative authorities. This is happening in those nations, where corruption is common. In countries where the local government institutions are fragile, such drug activity is common there. The Narcotics Control organization cannot handle the drug mafia, terrorists, and money laundering businesses all at the same times, which are carrying out these activities for illegal money. USA is working with the consensus of other international organizations to counter terrorist activities and drug trafficking in countries whose governments have failed to restrict such activities. According to the report, Drug Trafficking Organization and Counter Drugs in the USA - Mexico Context, of Luis Astorga and David A. Shirk, thousands people lost their lives due to the exploitation and fostering of narcotic drugs in USA, Mexico and outside the Mexico. Several people were killed in last weeks of 2008 by the Drug Trafficking organizations (DTOs). Hence, the international narcotics organization sternly prohibits access to areas where crimes and drug-trafficking activities are common. USA assists to reduce the potential level of violence and criminal activity, with the support of military. But the Mexican military has by far failed to implement any strategy in this regard. In the twentieth century, USA took severe action against the consumption, production and distribution of any narcotics, drugs or psycho tropical drugs. This drug was produced at very low level, but with passage of time and budding demand of marijuana and opium; these were produced in large quantities in northern and south coastal areas of Unites States. The drug mafia carries out violation of human dignity to accomplish drug trafficking, but despite the awareness of this fact the Drug Trafficking Organization has not been able take any significant action against these drug mafias. Mexican DTOs have successfully, but not completely, controlled the inside and outside drugs market and isolated these cartel groups and mafias. As per Samuel Logan`s report FARC, dated October 14, 2010; FARC is an organization which watches over the criminal activities and controls all illicit terrorism. The FARC in Colombia attempted to collect sustentative evidence against the drug mafia but failed due to negligence of enforcing authorities. This organization is ineffective and constrained due to influential and powerful businesspeople trading in drugs and narcotics. According to the report of June S. Beittel, Source and Scope of Rising the violence (September 7, 2011), Drug Trafficking Organization has recorded several reports of children killing, killing of naive bystanders, car bombings and assassinations of high profile people. In the beginning of 2011, Drug Trafficking Organization found that thousands of people died because of consumption of narcotic drugs in Mexico. These international organizations for drug controlling face serious challenges against the influential drug traders and have not been able to make any effective policy against them. The gangs in United States like MS-13, which is one of most dangerous and powerful gang, are killing the American citizens and agency people. Conclusion: There are several International Drug Organizations for controlling drug violence and criminal activity and billions of dollars are spent in anti-drug enforcement agencies but their activities have not been effective because people find alternate sources for drugs and organized crime. Bibliography Luis Astorga and David A. Shirk. “Drug Trafficking Organizations and Counter- Drug Strategies in the U.S.-Mexican Context.” (accessed April 21, 2012). Embargoed. “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report Volume I Drug and Chemical Control.” (accessed April 21, 2012). June S. Beittel Analyst in Latin American Affairs. “Mexico’s Drug Trafficking Organizations: Source and Scope of the Rising Violence.” April 21, 2012). Ogan, Samuel. “Farc.” (accessed April 21, 2012). Gages. “Municipal Law Enforcement Response to the 2007 Njsp Gang Survey.” (accessed April 21, 2012). Read More
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Narcotics Trafficking Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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