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A non-commissioned officer, sometimes known as a sub-officer is an officer within the military, who has not been given a commission. Such officers obtain their authority and position through promotion by the enlisted ranks…
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Increased Empowerment Of The American Non-Commissioned Officer
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Download file to see previous pages This paper shall focus on the increased empowerment of the American Non-commissioned officer over time. The paper shall, also discuss the fundamental causes and consequences of the shift in responsibilities of the NCOs down the chain of command. Moreover, the paper shall discuss how well the US military is prepared or not prepared for the ever increasing burdens of responsibility. Finally, I shall give my opinion of whether or not this trend shall continue.
For one to understand the ever increasing empowerment of the American Non-commissioned officer, it is essential to review the history behind it. The history of the NCO in the United States can be traced back in 1775 with the dawn of the Continental army. This officer did not copy Britain, but just like the American army, he blended French, Prussian, and British army traditions into a unique American institution (Bland, 2009). The development of change in the organization and action of the military offers an insight into the transfer of ultimate power and responsibilities down the succession of command. As much as the empowerment of the NCO is ever increasing, it is arguable that there is more room for further advancement for the military. There are several factors that have contribute to the increased empowerment of the non-commissioned officer in America, however, this paper shall focus on the three most important; advanced training opportunities, fighting strategies, and military doctrine (Bland, 2009). Advanced training opportunities It has constantly been argued that knowledge is power. This holds true considering the ever increasing empowerment of the American NCO. It is true that technical skills and leadership training are essential for a successful and affective NCO. Before the publicized training manuals for NCO, the only available training was on-the-job training (Fisher, 1994). Professional education was unknown for NCOs except the constant instructions received from company commanders. All leadership skills were practically learned during operations. Today, however, skills in leadership are taught continuously providing proper decision-making for trainees. The training required to make use and maintain complex battle equipment during the First World War initiated the technically advanced field training that paved way for a leadership role. Advanced training was essential for medical services, artillery, as well as other military operation areas. With time, technology grew as wars became more sophisticated. As a result, leadership demands for NCO also grew. General John Pershing recommended that NCO receive a formal training, a suggestion that sparked the NCO academy system in the 1950s (Fisher, 1994). Later, a Non-commissioned officer Candidate Course was created that trained NCOs in combat arms. The NCO’s Educational System put a formal training system that educated both men and women. Fighting strategies Battle history evidences that the constant changes in fighting led to the evolution of the NCO as a leader in the military. In the early days of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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