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How HeLa Cells Help Researchers Looking for Cancer Treatment - Literature review Example

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This paper examines some of the research works aimed at finding the treatment for cancer or evaluating the existent treatment and the role played by HeLa cells towards the achievement of the intended goals. HeLa cells use to determine the nature of the death of cancer cells…
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How HeLa Cells Help Researchers Looking for Cancer Treatment
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Extract of sample "How HeLa Cells Help Researchers Looking for Cancer Treatment"

Download file to see previous pages A researcher from Hopkins named George Gey had observed that the cells could be grown in glassware in the lab and kept alive for an indefinite period of time. The cells grew wildly such that they wiped out any other cell lines that they came across. Many cells have descended from the original HeLa cells and still remain alive to date, over six decades since the death of Henrietta. The chromosome make up of these cells is complicated, otherwise, they would have been used in the advancement of human immortality. But HeLa cells have found a wide application among research works on cancer treatment. In essence, any substance that affects HeLa cells could guide researchers in determining the most effective treatment for cancer. This paper examines some of the research works aimed at finding the treatment for cancer or evaluating the existent treatment and the role played by HeLa cells towards the achievement of the intended goals.

Various research studies have been conducted to determine the processes involved in killing cancer cells. Studying how HeLa cancer cells get denatured has guided researches in pharmacology to finding substances that would propagate such processes and thus suggest possible cancer treatment. [6]-Gingerol is a component of ginger said to have anti-oxidative, anti-cancer and anti-hyperglycemic properties. Chakraborty et al. (22) undertook a research study aimed at exploring the effect of [6]-gingerol on HeLa cells in vitro, investigating both the autophagic and apoptotic deaths of cells. The [6]-gingerol extracts from ginger were introduced to HeLa cell cultures. This was noted to cause a change in nuclear and cellular morphology causing shrinking of the cells. The [6]-gingerol could have had an apoptotic effect by activating caspase 3 protein found in cancer cells. The apoptosis process that depends on mitochondria begins with changes in the mitochondrial membrane. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How HeLa Cells Help Researchers Looking for Cancer Treatment Literature Review.
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