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Animals are Friends, not Scientific Experiments - Research Paper Example

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Animals are Friends, not Scientific Experiments For decades, animals have been used by scientists in their research. Mostly, these animals have been instrumental in medical research and testing. Animal experimentation has helped scientists in finding solutions to various emerging and currently existing diseases…
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Animals are Friends, not Scientific Experiments
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Animals are Friends, not Scientific Experiments

Download file to see previous pages... This paper seeks to quickly review animals as friends of man, and not scientific experiments. Animal research is a practice that has had an inhumane impact on animals. It is a cruel process which often involves discomfort to the animals, and in some instances, pain and death. Pain is a mental process which often cannot be observed, but it does not mean that it is not happening. Its physical impact can also be significant as observed from humans who manifest responses like screaming, crying, or even jerking away from the object or person causing them pain. If from the above-mentioned indicators we can deduce pain in humans, why is it that the scientists overlook the fact that animals also feel pain? When animals are stepped on or poked, they cry or jerk away. Animal testing involves hurting and painful procedures which include the injection of poisonous chemicals, the cutting of their abdomen, and the stressing of their bones until they break, and similar other procedures. All these painful acts are performed without anesthesia being administered. Scientists argue that anesthesia often interferes with the accuracy of their results. For which reason, they have no qualms about subjecting these animals to intolerable pain. Painful experiments on animals can make most people uncomfortable. For many years, much controversy has surrounded the practice of animal testing, and the subject of primates subjected to testing has been one of the core issues of this controversy (Conn, et.al., 2008). On one side, humans relate more to primates, more than any other animals and therefore, their eagerness on the use of such primates for experimentation is strong (Conn, et.al., 2008). The feelings of kinship with primates have often animal rights groups to express their protests against animal cruelty and testing. Those involved in primate testing however argue that these experiments are necessary in order to establish cures for diseases and the fact that primates have more in common anatomically to humans, make them the best candidate for experimentation (Guerrini, 2003). There are however inherent issues which are bound with this practice. It is evident that animals experience cruel and inhuman treatments through some of the experiments carried out on them. In some of these experiments, they are often forced to ingest household products and are then monitored to observe the results. Further, in other experiments, animals are often forced to ingest medicines before these medications are put into market. These experiments are carried out in order to ensure that they do not have any life-threatening side effects on human beings. To test corrosive chemicals, chemicals are often applied on the shaved backs of the animals and these chemicals expectedly burn the skins of these animals, often causing them much agony and pain (Larry, 2004 p145). According to the scientists, animals and human beings have a similar biological structure. This is a fragile foundation to base an argument on. Research has expressed that every animal species has a unique biological structure which may look similar to others, but are, in fact, very different. It has also been established that experimental results accrued from one species can have negative results on other species (Langley 2010). It is therefore wrong to conclude that the biological genetics of human beings resemble those of animals; and it is therefore wro ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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