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[Name] [Name of Professor] [Course number] [Date (day month year)] The Fight against the Use of Animals for Laboratory Experiments: An overview Animal experimentation has been around for several centuries, from the 17th century until the present time. It was in the nineteenth century when the widespread animal experimentation took place and also public resistance against vivisection had started during this century…
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Download file to see previous pages As of today, it is estimated that over 100 million animals are used every year worldwide for laboratory experiments. Several animal species are used such as mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, birds, dogs, and primates (Animal Aid Youth Group 1), where 75% of these animals accounts for rodents and cold-blooded animals. Animal protection societies have two different views and approaches to vivisection. One is the abolitionist view which believes that animal experiments are ethically wrong. They are the people concerned of the welfare who try to improve the conditions and treatments of animals used in experiments. The two views may be deemed as different but looking closely to the ideals and visions of both will show that they are closely aligned with each other. Both groups support the three R's approach - Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement. “Abolitionists would favor complete replacement, whereas welfarist would view reduction and refinement as steps along the way to complete replacement” (Yarri 194). ...
This includes testing of animals on how memory works in the brain or on how to toxic substances affect the liver. Though some scientists believe that the fundamental research contributes indirectly to the advancement and development of active ingredients and therapies, anti-vivisectionist says that these finding are all overestimated (Animal Welfare Online). Next to fundamental research, the biomedical research accounts for the second largest area for animal research. The study specifically aims to study the prevention and treatment of diseases as well as the genetic and environmental factors related to disease and health. It is believed that human and veterinary medicine had relied on animal experimentation for its advancement at some degree. However, as the technology improved over the past decades an alternative in-vitro methods have been utilized such as using cell, tissues and organs culture have greatly reduced the need of biomedical research (ANZCCART Australia 11). Anti-vivisectionists also believe that instead of focusing on the diagnosis and control of disease through biomedical research, scientists and researchers should focus more on preventative medicines and the promotion of healthier lifestyles – especially epidemiology, human clinical trials, and other alternatives (Animal Welfare Online). In addition, advancements in science had stimulated the increased growth in genetic engineering. This involves the modification of genes to produce transgenetic animals. The requirement for this research is highly extensive since one transgenetic individual would need around 150 to 200 animals of the same species in order to have a successful research. This method usually results to adverse effects in animals “such as development of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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