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People with Chronic Conditions in Missouri - Research Paper Example

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This essay aims to analyze people with chronic conditions. Those are a group of individuals who have higher chances of contracting health related problems. This kind of people are said to be vulnerable to the identified health care issues and they make up what is called vulnerable populations…
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People with Chronic Conditions in Missouri
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Extract of sample "People with Chronic Conditions in Missouri"

Download file to see previous pages This paper identifies a vulnerable population in Missouri and discusses the statistical information about the population. The thesis statement of this paper is that identifying and implementing a program that improves the provision of health care services to the identified vulnerable population could be necessary.
According to Shi & Stevens (2010), vulnerable population in the United States is given various terms like disadvantaged, underprivileged, medically underserved, poverty-stricken, distressed populations, and the underclasses. However, all these terms describe the essential characteristics of such kind of people. The vulnerable population identified for this research is the group of African American people in the state of Missouri. These people have been proven to have a high susceptibility to chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. This particular case focuses on the susceptibility of this group to diabetes that has been a threat to the lives of people living in the state of Missouri.
The reason why the identified group of people is more vulnerable could be indicated by their characteristics. These are properties like their population, economic status, social aspects, and so on. This is revealed by data that might be obtained from county or state health departments or other government agencies. The data could provide statistical information that could be used to indicate the major characteristic of this identified group of people. This could indicate why they are regarded as a vulnerable population. Vulnerable population has a higher chance of contracting the health care problem identified, thus, requiring intervention action to protect them from the problem.
County and state departments, as well as other government agencies, provide statistical information about the vulnerable population selected for this research. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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