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Home Visit Name Professor Institution Course Date Assessing Sallie’s case study, there are four vital healthcare issues that ought to be addressed. The discharge done for Sallie needs to be checked properly, because the healthcare problems found included; Sallie lives alone, she needs constant care and maintenance…
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Home Visit
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Home Visit Assessing Sallie’s case study, there are four vital healthcare issues that ought to be addressed.The discharge done for Sallie needs to be checked properly, because the healthcare problems found included; Sallie lives alone, she needs constant care and maintenance. She is widowed and her daughter Thelma, is busy at work. This results to her house being in shambles and her getting worse by the minute. Sallie needs someone around, to ensure her medications are refilled once she finishes in addition, to ensuring she takes her meals and does not miss on any of the prescribed medications. Another healthcare problem is lack of medication management. Sallie’s medications are scattered all over the table. She needs to be educated on how to use the medication without any form of confusion. Moreover, she has no one around to ensure the medications are well managed and that she takes them with utmost faith. When the doctor asked Sallie about the oxygen concentrator that was to be installed in her house, she answered that she does not need the oxygen concentrator. This is another health problem. Sallie is sick, she has no power to make decisions that will affect her health. Sallie has a cardio-pulmonary problem that is why the doctor asked why the oxygen concentrator was missing, hence the people who were responsible for ensuring the oxygen concentrator was in place were wrong when they listened to Sallie when she told them she did not need it. The fourth healthcare problem is on the safety of the house. Since Sallie lives, alone we cannot be sure of how safe she is because when the doctor knocks she just responded the door was open without asking who was knocking. The following interventions can be made by a medical nurse to ensure the healthcare of Sallie is well taken care. The nurse can assess the extent of awareness of the family that is the daughter of Sallie with regard to the health problem of Sallie (Carrilio, 2007). The nurse can educate Sallie on how to preserve and handle medications with care. Te nurse can also discuss in detail the problems that could arise as a result of poor management of medication. Additionally the nurse can give suggestions on how to solve the healthcare problems Sallie is facing such as Sallie is required to have a person to take care of her. Moreover, she also needs a person who is going to ensure she takes all her meals and her house is tidily maintained (Carrilio, 2007). The following are the rationales that can be undertaken with regard to the problems identified. With regard to the extent of awareness of the health problems of Sallie, the nurse can try to find out the Thelma’s level of understanding about the health condition of Sallie who is her mother (Monks, 2010). Secondly, the nurse can educate Sallie on how to handle her medications so that they cannot be scattered on the table and that she needs to refill them once the medication ends. Additionally, Sallie needs to convinced to be serious with her health because she seems to be fed up with her sickness and taking care of herself. She also needs to be told that proper healthcare will assist her to get better and her health will be restored if she follows instructions. Thelma also needs to be informed on how to establish family ability, and commitment to provide proper nursing care to her mother. In addition, she should also take action on how she is going to ensure someone always takes care of her mother when she is not around (Monks, 2010). Moreover, Thelma as the only family member around needs to decide or choose an appropriate action with regard to the problems of health her mother is facing. Sallie’s medication is too complex because she has so much that she needs to take and her daughter as the only family member needs to be aware of what her mother is going through, and the actions she is required to take to ensure Sallie’s health is restored. Scripted dialogue with a patient Nurse: “good morning, Sallie Mae, my name is Christiania and I will be your nurse today. I understand you are experiencing problems with chronic congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation and hypertension” Sallie: “good morning to you, please to meet you and welcome. Yes, I am suffering for the health problems you mentioned. Nurse: “ So how have you been Sallie, from the day of your discharge”. Sallie: “I have not been feeling well, I have been sick to the stomach, and since my husband died I don’t really care” Nurse: “so let us look at your medical history so that I can figure out why you are not feeling well. Your medical discharge order recommends on you having an oxygen concentrator, I am wondering why it is not around”. Sallies: “ooh, about the oxygen I told the doctor not to put it, I don’t need an oxygen concentrator. I have been taking this medication and I just feel worse”. Nurse: “let me assess your medical history and I will be back with the medical results of why you feeling bad”. References Carrilio, T. E. (2007). Home-visiting strategies: A case-management guide for caregivers. Columbia, S.C: University of South Carolina Press. Monks, K. M. G. (2010). Home health nursing: Assessment and care planning. St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby. Read More
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