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Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis - Term Paper Example

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"Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis" paper focuses on knee arthritis, a progressive disease affecting millions of people each year, which results in pain, stiffness, and limitation of the activity of the joints and thereby, decreases the quality of life of a person…
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Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis
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Extract of sample "Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis"

Download file to see previous pages A complete loss of articular cartilage is noted resulting in soft, elasticity loss, and fibrillation of the articular cartilage leading to the burned bone that is devoid of cartilage (Schwartz et al. 1942; LeadingMD par. 2). Complete loss of articular cartilage results in narrowing of the joint space, bone spurs, motion loss, pain, and disability (Schwartz, et al. 1942; LeadingMD par. 2). Knee arthritis, that typically influences patients over 50 years old, affects all knee cartilage leading to biomechanical and biochemical changes that impairs cartilage function (LeadingMD par. 6).

Knee arthritis occurs as a consequence of an injury, surgical procedure that includes partial or complete removal of the meniscus cartilage, and simply, can be the result of a normal process of aging (LeadingMD par. 1). Schwartz, et al., (1942) stated that knee arthritis is a result of joint derangement by various mechanisms and these includes congenital hip dysplasia, Legg – Calvé – Perthes disease, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, aseptic necrosis, septic arthritis, hemophilia, gout, pseudogout, and trauma. Moreover, a primary degenerative process is considered in cases where no predisposing etiology of the disease exists (Schwartz, et al. 1942). Schwartz, et al. (1942) added that the course is often more rapidly progressive in generalized primary osteoarthritis. Knee arthritis commonly occurs among overweight patients (Cluett par. 2; Schwartz, et al. 1942). Cluett added that genetic predisposition also contributes to knee arthritis.

A knee is a complex joint with a number of ligaments that run between the femur and the tibia (Chen par. 1). According to Ahlfeld (1), understanding the anatomy of the knee joint is very important for patients and among family members of patients who are injured in the knee. Hence, in order to relieve initial apprehension regarding the injury and treatment of knee arthritis, it is important to understand the basic knowledge of a knee joint (Ahlfeld par. 2). An illustrated overview of the knee anatomy can be observed in Figure 1 to 3. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis Term Paper, n.d.)
Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis Term Paper.
(Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis Term Paper)
Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis Term Paper.
“Normal Anatomy and Causes of Knee Arthritis Term Paper”.
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