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Counseling for People with Psychological Problems - Coursework Example

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The author of the following case study "Counseling for People with Psychological Problems" casts light on the fact that the most essential factor in the process of therapeutic counseling is the identification of the problems and its causes. …
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Counseling for People with Psychological Problems
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Extract of sample "Counseling for People with Psychological Problems"

Download file to see previous pages Adjustment promotes a concept of temporary state that may require little counseling intervention for improving the state of the well being of a person.
In the fast-changing environment of globalization and changing socio-cultural paradigms, people in general, are finding it a bit difficult to adjust within the changing societal values. Counselors too are finding it difficult to measure the ability of the people in coping with the circumstances and the level of their emotional adjustment with the changes around them. One can reasonably say that the acceptable level of adjustment of the client may be broadly described as his or her ability to adjust emotionally and cope with the changes in his or her life, especially in adverse situations. In the recent times, the counselors increasingly prefer to measure the adjustment level vis-à-vis factors or inherent abilities of the clients that facilitate adjustments with the changes.
To process the issue, I set up a counseling session with the therapist who has opted for behavioral therapy since the case in point is that low confidence level, leading to unnecessary anxiety disorder. The psychosocial perspective of the study was highly relevant in the current situation because, in the fast-changing socio-cultural and economic paradigms of multi-cultural societies, the increasingly competitive environment in the field of professional competencies are having a considerable impact on the personalities of the students and are adversely affecting their self-confidence.
Self-esteem is a vital ingredient of self-confidence of the person and is directly related to the ways he keeps judging and capping people and events in certain defined categories and these categorized analysis influences his decision powers. His most crucial judgment that is life-defining is the one that he makes about himself.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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