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The treatment should address social phobia since she avoids social contact with anyone. Depression; Sarah is depressed because of the…
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Treatment plan
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Download file to see previous pages It is important to consider what a good group counseling can assist Sarah to cope with the death of her father and learn the importance of having friends. Also, to learn the importance of socializing and talking out issues affecting her. Group counselling, in the case of Sarah, mainly intends to heal the new family structure after the loss of her father`s life, who seemed to have been very close to her. Therefore, it is up to the group to assist her to know that her mother is now there with her to assist her and talk to her. The group is set to assist her manage the crisis situations in her life. The intention of group counselling is finding solutions to problems that are existent through sharing with one another.
Sarah has the potential of improving in a group setting to help her deal with the trauma of losing her father, and also, assist with her other trauma-based problems like improving her personal communication and social skills. The advantages of group counselling for Sarah are fundamental for improving her social skills. Sarah has an awkward relationship with her friends because she withdraws from communicating with them, as well as a non-existent communication with her mother, and also, learning new ways from the members of the counselling group that assist her in coping with her acting out and fits of anger (Prout & Brown 2007).
Sarah can benefit from group counselling as she is bound to realize that she is not alone. Group counselling is a great eye opener for Sarah to realize that there are others like her who experience the same problems as she is, and hence, develop a sense of understanding and coping with the problems. Group counselling gives the participant a better understanding and a wider perspective of the problem. The disadvantages in group counselling do not have effective leadership for the clients that are debilitating to the group members. It can result to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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