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Distracted Driving - Essay Example

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This essay presents the chain of infection identifies the reservoir(s), portal(s) of exit, mode(s) of transmission, portal(s) of entry, and factors in host susceptibility. Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, it is mainly a lung disease but it can also attack other organs…
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Distracted Driving
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Extract of sample "Distracted Driving"

Distracted driving After watching the video of the victim, the members of my group feel that the punished givento Reggie was not fair because he caused the death of two innocent people due to his reckless behavior so this can be construed to mean that he caused the accident intentionally. His behavior made him unable to expect the unexpected on the road hence causing death. As a group we decided that the suitable punishment in that situation would have been thirty years imprisonment due to the fact that Reggie is an adult of 19 years who caused a grizzly accident due to irresponsible and distracted behavior on the road, his punishment would then act as a deterrence to other drivers who have the tendency to drive while distracted.
Disease prevention and control review
The outline of the chain of infection identifies the reservoir(s), portal(s) of exit, mode(s) of transmission, portal(s) of entry, and factors in host susceptibility. Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, it is mainly a lung disease but it can also attack other organs of the body like the kidney and brain. The reservoir for Tuberculosis is the human body that gives the micro-organism a place to reproduce. The portal of exit is where the microorganisms leave the portal in Tuberculosis using the mouth and nose, during sneezing where they release the bacterium. The mode of transmission is how the bacterium moves from one place or host to another and with TB this is through coughing or sneezing that releases the TB bacterium into the air which can then be inhaled by another person in the room. The portal of entry of TB is also its portal of exit that is the human respiratory system. Therefore, just as the TB bacterium can be expelled by sneezing, it can be inhaled by the nose and mouth. The susceptibility of a host is how easily a disease can invade them, for example a person who is already sick or someone with a low immune system or any person with HIV or AIDS will find it harder surviving TB.
The primary prevention takes place before the disease process begins; it forestalls the onset of the illness this can be done by hand washing, screening persons in high-risk groups among others. Secondary prevention takes place when there is an early diagnosis so that there is treatment before the disease becomes advanced with TB this can be done through administration of antibiotics. Tertiary prevention is aimed at rehabilitation following infection by the disease; this is done to slow the force of transmission through administration of anti-tuberculosis treatment (Arnadottir 27).
Environmental Health
Lead and uranium poisoning are two of the major health hazards in our Cincinnati community caused by an increased production of natural gas in recent years (Pinney 143).As a group we see the sources as they have been described by various academics and government research programs raising the potential impacts on public health (Korfmacher 300). This will affect the decision to live in Cincinnati because it not only impacts on my health but also highly affects my future children’s health. The exposure has both long term effects and short term on the residents of the community.
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and lung disease, 2009. Print.
Korfmacher, Katrina Smith, et al. "Unconventional natural gas development and public health: toward a community-informed research agenda." Reviews on environmental health 29.4 (2014): 293-306.
Pinney, Susan M., et al. "Health effects in community residents near a uranium plant at Fernald, Ohio, USA." International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health 16.2 (2003): 139-153. Read More
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