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Banning texting while driving - Research Paper Example

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The basic motive of this project "Banning texting while driving" is to prevent such a common problem as texting while driving which leads to a high number of crash injury. Therefore, the paper will describe options that will help solve such important problem…
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Banning texting while driving
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Download file to see previous pages According to researchers any type of mobile use while driving that includes talking over phone, texting and that even through hands-free technology is dangerous and deadly. According to David Strayer who is a Professor of Psychology at University of Utah a mere 2% of the population is capable of multitasking with absolute safety. This finding clearly portrays the high-risk exposure of the remaining 98% of the population if they resort to texting while driving. Strayer has also found that cell phones “make you blind to your own bad driving."(Cruz & Oloffson, 2009) This happens as a driver using the cell phone for texting or to attend a call is bereft of any peripheral vision and mostly looks straight. That way he goes into oblivion regarding his surroundings and that can be immensely harmful in terms of safe driving. Another interesting point is that hands-free texting is of no use regarding safe driving. Hands-free technology rather poses a problem for safe driving. This has been proven through a simulation test where half the driver failed to stop at the right position while using the hands-free technology. This is bound to happen since driving requires special skills and concentration and even using hands-free technology the brain gets divided between two simultaneous works both of them requiring precision. Support for this argument can be found in writings of the eminent scholars of these disciplines. According to Steven Yantis, the division of brain between vision and hearing is responsible for the aforementioned result. The argument against banning texting while driving gains momentum considering the fact that drivers indulged in such activities have fared poor in a simulated driving environment than even those drivers who were with 0.08% of Blood Alcohol Content. (BAC) (Cruz & Oloffson, 2009)
A driver is considered intoxicated if his blood alcohol content is of aforementioned percentage; this refers to the fact that a drunken driver is a better performer than one who is fidgeting with his mobile. Though many holds an equal type of abhorrence on hands free and hand indulging technology while using mobile phones by a driver and therefore speaks equally against them. However, learned scientists at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute hold even grimmer view for texting in respect to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Texting While Driving roughly 14 seconds more physical response time (Snyder, “Cellphone & Texting Accident Statistics) Even with the growing statistics of texting while driving accidents, there are still those who oppose any ban on the said activity. People like 22 year old Robert Smith (“Texting While Driving is Dangerous; Shouldnt it be Illegal?”) see no problem with combining his driving responsibilities with answering messages on his phone because: Its convenient, I put the phone on top of the steering wheel and text with both thumbs. However convenient the activity for people...
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...and still show no sign of succeeding in future due to the following: first, the ever growing culture which sees vehicles as haven, roving office and friendly place where people do whatever they like. The second reason is the culture of connection that has left most people afraid with the issue of being left out. Lastly, the technological culture that leaves many trapped in a bias where they are tempted to permit the act first and only ask question later. Some supporters of the idea of texting while driving argue that it only becomes bad when the act takes place while the driver is on a high speed. It is on this ground that some people recommend that wireless mobile...
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...stringent laws and regulations to counter texting while driving. Texas is one of the only five states of United States that has banned texting while driving for those drivers who are driving on their learning permit for the initial six months since the time they have attained their license (, 2015). Furthermore, Texas is even one of the states that do not allow early age drivers who have a full license to drive while using the cell phones. Individuals below the age of 18 are restricted from driving and using cell phones. Texas is even only one...
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