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The Influence of Genetic Inheritance - Term Paper Example

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This paper demonstrates how nature and nurture explain the reason for human character traits and personality. The author describes why nature depicts character traits as behaviors learned through genetic inheritance and nurture portrays human character according to the influence of the environment…
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The Influence of Genetic Inheritance
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Extract of sample "The Influence of Genetic Inheritance"

Download file to see previous pages Psychology founding fathers, for instance, John B Watson, Albert Bandura, and BF Skinner. Both psychologists discussed the psychology behind the behavior of people. Each father had different though. However, they relied on a similar platform which is behavior develops either through nurture or nature. John B major theory of behavior was behaviorism theory. Through the theory, Watson explained that it is possible to mold the behavior of a child as a person pleases. Explains that when a child is born, he/she does not know anything. Therefore, a person can teach them any skill that the want. According to one of Watson’s famous quotes, he said that he can mold a child to a lawyer, doctor or anything he pleases. Bandura’s theory was social learning theory. He explained that a person can learn behavior through observing, he called it observational learning. He added that human beings think of consequences of behavior before developing it. Therefore, according to Bandura man is conscious of the behavior he develops or he learns. Unlike bandura, Skinner believed that man did not consider the impact of behavior they learn. Skinners explained his behavior perspective using operant conditioning. He explained the theory using a caged mouse. How studied the mouse behavior by giving it food after turning on the speaker. Therefore, whenever the mouse heard the speaker it knew it was time to eat. The same case applies to human being behavior development. When a certain event evokes results in a certain behavior continuously. Man will develop the behavior every time they hear or see the phenomenon. 
Both nature and nurture influence how a child behaves today. A child will develop a certain behavior according to how their parents raised them. If the parents raised them harshly, the child would tend to develop deviant behavior. On the other hand, whatever a child learns in the environment will also influence their behaviors. It is clear that learn easily. Moreover, they study more effortlessly when they see. If children see people engaging in certain behaviors, they will tend to develop those behaviors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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