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This is a eating disorder is portrayed through refusal to retain a healthy body weight and a compulsive panic of gaining weight. It has not been identified distinctively the…
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Causal argument
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Recently, in the society there has been an increase in number of individuals suffering from Anorexia. This is a eating disorder is portrayed through refusal to retain a healthy body weight and a compulsive panic of gaining weight. It has not been identified distinctively the causes of anorexia to some people. I do believe that like many other causes of diseases, it is more possibly a mixture of biological, psychological, and Environmental factors.
Biologically, people could be genetically susceptible to developing anorexia. This is because there is a greater prevalence for an individual with a biological sister or mother who suffers from an eating disorder developing the disorder, signifying a possible genetic link. Furthermore, researches in the field of human twins portray a genetic association of anorexia. Nevertheless, until now there has not been any explanation as to the role of genetics in the causes of anorexia. However, it has been discovered an area on chromosome 1 which appears to be connected with an increased vulnerability to anorexia. Anorexia nervosa is understood to be genetic, with projected inheritance rates varying from 56% to 84% (Kortegaard et al 361–365). There is also a high probability that some people have a genetic propensity toward thoroughness, sensitivity, and perseverance, all traits associated with anorexia. In addition, one of the brain chemicals known as serotonin involved in depression may play a role in development of anorexia (Watson 20-54).
Environmental and socio-cultural studies have decorated the role of cultural factors, such as the endorsement of thinness as the supreme female shape in European developed nations, particularly through the media. The media is mainly defined with images and advertisement of thin celebrities, models, and superstars. This has had great impact since in the modern society success is always associated with being thin. It is also highly likely that peer pressure may influence the longing to be slim, particularly in youthful women. Moreover, populace in professions such as dancers and models which put emphasis on slim shape there is a particular social pressure to be thin are much more likely to develop anorexia at some stage in the path of their career.
There has also been an obsession among teenage girls to be overly anxious about their weight and deem those slim to be better looking amongst their peers and thus have tendency to practice weight-control behaviors leading to anorexia. Furthermore, women have developed the hype to consume low-fat foods, low caloric, and diet pills. This has resulted in lack of nutrition and an increase in the probability of these women being attacked by anorexia nervosa. Referring to a study of female students from Japan, of the 85% who had normal weight wished to be slimmer and 45% who were slightly underweight sought to be thinner (Mukai et al, 677-688).
Finally, psychological factors are key contributors of anorexia. Individuals with anorexia may have mental and emotional personality, which leads to anorexia. Additionally, they may possibly also have low self-esteem. People with anorexia nervosa often seem emotionally compelled to not only weight loss, but also in other areas of their life, like career and schoolwork. Therefore, certain characteristics that transpire in anorexia nervosa could be a result, rather than a cause, of the disorder. In conclusion, anorexia is caused by a combination of several factors (Watson 20-54). These may range from environmentally influences, psychological states to the biological inheritances.
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