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Genetically Modified Food and Cancer: Myth or Science - Essay Example

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This essay tries to establish the facts surrounding the controversial issue as to the connection between genetically modified food and cancer and using the results from studies conducted on various organisms to support the argument…
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Genetically Modified Food and Cancer: Myth or Science
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Extract of sample "Genetically Modified Food and Cancer: Myth or Science"

Download file to see previous pages  It shall be therefore important to introduce a few concepts regarding organisms’ genetic make-up and the number of chromosomes that they have so as to see the results of the genetic engineering techniques induced and the possible effects they could be having as they are alleged to be a risk factor in the increased cancer cases across the globe.
It is hard to link the issue of genetically modified foods with cancer unless we understand how cancer occurs. Cancer is a group of disorders which involve the presence of unregulated cell growth. The formation of malignant tumors seen in cancer is as a result of the cell multiplication after division which occurs uncontrollably in the region or organ involved. The predisposing factors for cancer are ranging and partially understood. This is why the issue of genetically modified foods standing as a predisposing factor to causing cancer is highly disputed. On one hand, the nutritionists have been alleging that due to the modification of the genetic constitution of the organism the same could be impacted on the end user, therefore, causing cancer.
There have been a number of studies and tests done using the genetically modified food products to establish the real effects on human. However, due to the statutes and rights that govern the medical field, it is not possible to use human as specimen so rats have been used instead. The rats were fed on a full-time diet of some best-selling brand of genetically modified corn. Though a number of scientists have disregarded the study claiming it is baseless, let us look at the results obtained that could give a limelight to what awaits humans in the use of the genetically modified food products.
According to Poulter, 2012, who reported on the results of the study, the rats which were fed on a lifelong diet of the genetically modified corn developed tumors and the majority of their organs stopped functioning in the right way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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