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Is Technology Taking Man Back to the Primitive Period - Assignment Example

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The following paper “Is Technology Taking Man Back to the Primitive Period?” will address the inventions made and how they impact on the daily lives of people to see whether they are drawing us closer to a simple living or complicating life more…
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Download file to see previous pages Among the issues that have risen with the developments in technology are the ethical and moral issues in some methods that are in place. Others include the environmental concerns caused by the emissions made from the industries and radioactive isotopes.
One of the hot debates that have risen is the controlling of the content that is exposed on the internet and the lack of age barrier that exposes people to some content that can negatively affect their upbringing. The use of the internet has come with uncountable benefits that include enhanced business and communication. However, with the same failure to address the concerns raised due to the content that is available online and that has facilitated moral decadence and erosion of the cultures that governed people’s living, it has become more of a worry than help. Among the issues that have been discussed include how the content that is made available can be stopped from reaching people of a certain age group that can be considered too young to be exposed to such experience.
It is hardly possible to stop young children from owning or using phones due to their increased ease of availability. This has made children dummies as they rarely take part in active participation in the society but they prefer being engrossed on their television screens or video games the whole day. This has highly affected the way they perceive things and their reasoning as they are used to living. The environment is so important to humans in their daily living. The developments noted in technology have come with their share of concerns on the environment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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