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Dietary Intake, Gender and Activity Factors Influenced on BMI - Essay Example

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This study involves a variety of tests, which is aimed at deciding the outcome of three hypotheses including females have a greater percentage body fat compared with males; energy and fat intake is strongly related to body fat, and sedentary subjects are more likely to be overweight compared with active subjects…
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Dietary Intake, Gender and Activity Factors Influenced on BMI
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Extract of sample "Dietary Intake, Gender and Activity Factors Influenced on BMI"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, overweight is most importantly attributable to excess intake of energy, which lead to not only a positive energy balance but also an accumulation of body fats (Moore, 2000). Also, a sedentary lifestyle is the other factors that can contribute to a gain in weight. BMI is a reliable and easily obtainable indicator of relative body size. At most times, BMI is directly associated with LDL and total cholesterol plasma concentrations. However, an inverse relationship has been reported between BMI and HDL-cholesterol (McNamara et al. 1992). On the other hand, the effect of gender on the association between blood lipid constraint and BMI has not been evidently recognized because most of the studies that have been conducted in this area are hardly consistent.
Participating in physical activities is commonly used as a valuable way of preventing a number of health risks that are especially caused by heavyweight across all genders (Eaton and Eaton, 2003). There are a number of reports that have indicated that youth and children spend most of their leisure time in sedentary engagements such as playing video games or watching television (Moore, 2000). Mounting evidence reveals that sedentary behaviors, which are characterized by lack of physical activities, are attributed to increased risk of physical problems
Sedentary behaviors have been proved to, be associated with physical activities, eating habits, and obesity when correlation designs are used (Gortmaker et al., 1996). Although these designs are valuable in determining associations between variables, experimental designs that entail the manipulation of sedentary behaviors are important in determining the causal impact of sedentary habits on energy consumption (Robinson, 1999).  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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