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Influence of Media on the Political System - Research Paper Example

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This research study under the title "Influence of Media on the Political System" would be centred towards highlighting the various influential aspects of the political system. Media has transformed the dimensions of the political system has drastically changed. …
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Influence of Media on the Political System
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Extract of sample "Influence of Media on the Political System"

Download file to see previous pages In this study, the negative aspects of media will be highlighted along with positive aspects so as to have a clear understanding of the influence of media on the political system. The entire research study will be based on secondary research as the analysis will be performed on different views or opinions given by experts. At the end of the study, a brief conclusion shall outline the major areas of the political system which has been influenced by media.
The major aim of this research study is to analyze the media influence on the political system. This study would outline the past as well as current influences which are caused by media on politics. 
The research question for the study is – “what is the influence the media had or has on the political system?” Research findings will be aligned with this particular research question and aim of the study.
As per Baumgarten & Voltmer (2010), media effects or media influence are generally used in communication theory, sociology and media studies to refer to appropriate theories highlighting the impact of media culture and mass media on respective audience. The process of agenda setting is an unavoidable component of news that is collected by bigger organizations and it corresponds to the maximum percentage of mass media. Media often produces material which is serious and impartial; they are even accorded a greater degree of authority and respect. In real time scenario, the ethics of television and press is related to a hegemonic establishment that provides essential support to the existing system. “Seeing is Believing” is a famous article of 1991 which was written by Greg Philo and it described the miner’s strike taking place in the United Kingdom was strongly correlated with a presentation of media about the event. In this article, it was highlighted that media was able to grab the attention of millions of people located across the globe so as to contribute their opinion towards the violence occurring in the country (Baumgarten & Voltmer 118).     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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