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Peculiarities of media creation nowadays - Essay Example

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Peculiarities of Media Creation Nowadays Introduction Media can be described as communication channels through, which news, entertainment, education or messages are passed through to humans. The media may include broadcasting medium such as radios, televisions or newspapers including the internet…
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Peculiarities of media creation nowadays
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Download file to see previous pages The creation of media in USA was initiated as a political decision of technological invention. This led to the political decision of having a state run postal service that eventually affected the society in one way or the other. The government through laws such as the public access to information laws clearly demonstrated the role of the state in shaping the path that journalism, mass media and mass communication would be affected. It also shows how future media would be created and how it influences the society either socially, politically or politically and how it relates to the global perspective. Eminent scholars have argued that political decisions, considerations and reasons led to the creation of the media in United States (Starr 2004, p.2) as a profitable and powerful institution where the decisions made led to the growing number of communication empires currently witnessed in the nation and the world at large. He states that technology and economics cannot singlehandedly explain the communication media currently present. To him communication media has got a direct impact on the exercise of power and understanding the media must account itself while taking into account political considerations. Therefore political decisions will continue to influence the media for a long time and its creation. In America, the framework provided either institutionally, politically or legally is favourable to the creation and development of media. The environment came about as a concern made of political considerations in which the American Constitutional framework and the defining political and legal decisions produced a viable and vibrant network of communication for the United States and later the world. The aforementioned coupled with the freedom of speech enshrined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution led to the subsidization of newspapers through a comprehensive postal network that ensured some form of privacy. This encouraged people to take these forms of media for their daily activities as communication networks quickly spread to a much wider area of the society supported by a conducive legal and political climate. Politics has therefore converged with modern media as literacy and news receive more attention through the media that is utilized by them in all scenarios. Audiences can create the media by making themselves available to the media or making use of the particular media front and this explains the rationale for the existence of the media in our daily lives. The utilization of the media by those who provide it is always targeted towards a particular audience all the time. It is important to note that all prospective providers of media platforms must give account of their target audiences before any form of media is made or adopted (Gupta and Brooks 2013, p.201). Exploration of the target audience and its position within the system of mass communication allows the media creators or providers to identify sites of contestations in the system. The audiences in the media create contexts within which to combine the media and other life-style experiences as people create time to make use of different media in their daily tasks. Influence of Globalization on Media Globalization in relation to the media studies refer to the strengthening of connections between persons in the society that enables us understand the world as one to create awareness of our own place and how it relates within the world experience. As an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Peculiarities of Media Creation Nowadays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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