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Characteristics of Marco Leeuwerink, Toin Pijnenburg, Mischa Coster, Jan Mudler Working in Social Media - Assignment Example

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The paper "Characteristics of Marco Leeuwerink, Toin Pijnenburg, Mischa Coster, Jan Mudler Working in Social Media" states that Mudler enthusiastically puts emphasis on the need to come up with a brand story and ‘embrace’ it in a manner that all aspects of organizational work must incorporate it…
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Characteristics of Marco Leeuwerink, Toin Pijnenburg, Mischa Coster, Jan Mudler Working in Social Media
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Extract of sample "Characteristics of Marco Leeuwerink, Toin Pijnenburg, Mischa Coster, Jan Mudler Working in Social Media"

Download file to see previous pages Mr Leeuwerink presented a set of pictures and information from which students were supposed to find suspicion and links to contact desirable media for assistance. The suggestion that was made to contact people and groups were really amazing because they would rarely cross one’s mind. The suggestions included the social media group page for Star Trek fan conference or rare car owners club. Twitter is the main social media site that is being used by the police to instantly communicate with the public. However, a few police officers make use of other social media platforms such as Google+ to ensure efficient and service to the neighbourhoods they are offering security. Other than using social media as a tool for communication, police are also monitoring it for criminal of offensive activity. In my view, social media can be a very effective tool in law enforcement if not misused by police workers. The administrators of law enforcement must establish proper controls over the use of social media to increase the benefits and reduce incidents of misuse by their staff. In doing so, the potential of social media in police force may fully be realized. Toin Pijnenburg works as a manager for change also coaches a number of social media sites such as Prezi. Mr Pijnenburg is the owner of Toin XXL. He is always startled by change and constantly seeks it mainly by putting himself in situations that are inconvenient and assisting others in overcoming change. He made an introduction to the media in the past few decades and its shift to the internet in class. According to him, the present day objectives are changing in their aims. In the past, they had to be relevant and achievable, but today, these qualities have been taken for granted. While lecturing, he suggested that the pace of modern society can be reflected better by ambitious and revolutionary. He used Wikipedia as an example of how the audience can assist in creating and developing a web site. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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