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The Impact of the Social Media - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The article “The Impact of the Social Media” asserts that social media has been fuelled the soar relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The article reveals that the arrest of an Egyptian lawyer in Saudi Arabia has sparked a diplomatic crisis between the two countries…
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The Impact of the Social Media
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Extract of sample "The Impact of the Social Media"

The article alludes that the relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia has not been a good one since the time of the Ottoman Empire. Further, the article perceives that the relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia has been rough since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. Social media such as facebook and twitter have exacerbated the poor relationship between the two countries.
Samin, N., (2012). Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Social Media Moment. Web, 31 May 2012.
Samin Nadav is the author of this article that appears in the Arab Media and Society Journal looks at the contribution of social media to Arab uprising in the year 2011. The article points out that Egypt has a large portion of her population in social media among the countries in the Middle East. According to the article, social media plays an important role in bringing change that reshapes Middle Eastern societies. The article asserts that social media such as twitter and facebook have been instrumental in developing close ties between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This is after the overthrow of the authoritarian rule of Hosni Mubarak whereby social media was crucial in instigating revolts and rallies. The article depicts that social media has been vital in directing discussions and democratic ideas between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Egypt uses twitter to disseminate its latest development after the2011 uprising. Social media allows the other countries in the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia to get an inflow of information. The article reveals that Saudi Arabia has invested a lot in social media for networking.
Al-Toraifi (2012). Saudi Arabia and Egypt: Interests at the time of “revolution. Web, 31 May 2012.
This article points out that Egyptians have used social media to mount protests at the Saudi Arabia Embassy. According to this article, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been in a state of tension since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak. This article points out that the two countries have negative perceptions of each other. This is despite the fact that they share a religion, intermarriage, mutual political interests, and language. According to this article, the chief source of a poor relationship, which the social media fuels, has a rich history. The article alludes that either of the two countries seeks to impose political visions at the expense of the other. This is a case happened in the turbulent days of protest in Egypt that toppled the leadership of Hosni Mubarak. The citizens of Egypt employ posts on facebook and twitter to attack Saudi Arabia. According to this article, Mubarak had a good relationship with the government of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Egyptians are bitter about Saudi Arabia's move to influence political matters in Egypt.
Nkrumah, G. (2012). Saudi-Egypt stand-off. Web, 31 May 2012.
This article points out that the arrest of El-Gizawi on April 17 of 2012 sparked protests in Egypt. The Egyptians used social networks such as twitter and facebook to spread and mobilize people ton protest. According to the article, El-Gizawi was in possession of narcotics inside Saudi Arabia. Through twitter and facebook, the citizens of Egypt mounted protests that led Saudi Arabia to recall her Ambassador to Cairo back to the country. According to the article, social media played an important role in condemning Saudi Arabia for her action to arrest El-Gizawi who is a legal activist. The article alludes that social media instigated protests that have created a diplomatic row between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. According to the article, social media created awareness of Saudi Arabia's move to arrest El-Giza. In addition, the posts on facebook and twitter about Saudi Arabia poor treatment of Egyptians led to the destruction of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Egypt. Read More
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